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House Clearance In Tynemouth Case Example: Client instructions

Our client in this case was the owner of an office block on an industrial estate on the outskirts of North Shields. A company had vacated one of the landlord’s offices after a regular rent review had put the rent up to a level they weren’t prepared to pay. Now the landlord wanted to refurbish the office before putting it back on the market. He first wanted to clear out all the office furniture, which had seen better days, and replace it with new equipment.

We were asked to clear the large office of all furniture and any files and papers that had been left behind. We were also to remove the sets of venetian blinds from the windows as the landlord also wanted to replace them, and to take up the carpets which were worn and stained.

Tynemouth Clearance Overview

The furniture inside the office included desks, bookshelves, filing cabinets and cupboards. Some of these were empty, but many of them still contained miscellaneous stationery, documents and files. We emptied out all of the desks, draws and cabinets and then removed all of the furniture from the building.

We bagged up all the paper, and sorted out all the usable stationery and boxed it up. We finished the clearance by giving the whole office a vacuum throughout to leave it looking fresh and clean, and completed the job at 4.30pm.

Disposal of House Contents

The client asked us what value the office furniture would have on the secondhand market. We know the market for these types of goods well, and we were able to tell him that he could expect only a modest amount for the whole lot. He felt selling it was going to be more trouble than it was worth and asked if we had an alternative, since although somewhat worn, the furniture was still perfectly useable. We told him that we knew several local charities that were always on the lookout for free office furniture, and that they’d also be very happy to take the stationery. We arranged this on behalf of the landlord and delivered the goods, which were gratefully received.

The paper waste was recycled, so the only things we had to send to landfill were the old carpets and blinds.

Tynemouth Client Comments

The client was more than happy with the standard of the clearance, and he was very pleased that we’d found a home for the old office furniture and stationery.

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