House Clearance Valuables – Off Set?

The vast majority of house we clear contain nothing of any value but on the odd occasion a house can contain unobvious valuable pieces of retro and antique furniture as well as jewellery, collectible porcelain & bric a brac items.

The gallery below highlights just some of the pieces we have come across during the course of clearing houses. To an untrained eye the pieces below look mundane, uninteresting & of little or no value.

When our staff arrive at the property on the day of your house clearance appointment they will take photographs of everything in the property and instantly send the photographs over to our probate valuers at our sister site NHC Probate Valuations and within minutes our onsite staff will be informed if there is anything of any real value in the property & relay this information back to you.

We can either leave any newly discovered pieces of value in situ for you to make your own arrangements or we can off set anything of value against the cost of the house clearance or simply buy at a price we both agree to be fair.

We are one of the only house clearance companies in the UK that are able to provide this extra free service as we have full time trained probate valuers within our company.

Note! We only off set against antique & collectible items – NOT modern items. We also offer an antique house clearance service for properties that contain a lot of antiques items.

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