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I.T.G. probate or confirmation valuations provides a range of services to assist in the winding up of an estate. We provide our services to private individuals, solicitors, executors & administrators across the UK. Our aim is to make probate valuation as stress free as possible.

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What is a probate valuation?

Essentially, the purpose of the valuation is to ascertain the total value of the assets held in the estate. There are a number of reasons why this is important. In the first instance, a probate valuation will be required to show whether Inheritance Tax (IHT) is due on the estate and, if so, how much will be charged. Probate Valuation FAQs

Probate Valuation Customer Comments

Our customer testimonials clearly demonstrate the excellent working relationships we hold with our clients and customers. Probate Valuation Customer Comments

Probate Valuation Guarantees

There are an increasing number of inexperienced probate valuation companies being queried by HM Revenue and Customs for inaccurate valuations, if this is the case probate valuations will be rejected causing unnecessary delays and additional expenses to executors. Probate Valuation Guarantees

I.T.G. provide clear and accurate probate valuation & IHT valuations reports in accordance with HM Revenue and Customs guidelines.

My Solicitor advised me to obtain a written probate valuation report for my late grans estate I found I T G Probate Valuation through the Internet and from the initial call through to the valuation completion they were totally professional. The valuation report was sent to me within 5 days. From start to finish a great service. I would highly recommend I T G Probate Valuations to all 100% Thank You! (Jenny Mcabe)

I.T.G Probate Valuations Of House Contents Chattels In The UK

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