Privacy Policy

As part of our business activities, we occasionally gather statistical information from your visit to our website. This page explains the steps we take to protect the privacy of our subscribers. It also contains details of our standard Terms Of Use.

Our privacy policy and terms of use are very simple…

If you send us an email we promise never to pass your personal information to anyone else, except if legally obliged to do so under British or European law.

This is a privacy policy for Northern House Clearance. Our homepage on the Web is located at The full text of our privacy policy is available on the Web at

We invite you to contact us if you have questions about this policy.

We will never send you advertisements for other companies. We may use the personal information that we collect from our visitors to provide you with personalised service, but we do not share that personal data with any marketing services.

For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 (the “Act”), you acknowledge that in the course of using this Web Site and the Web Site Services, certain personal information or data about you will be captured electronically or otherwise and transmitted to Northern House Clearance. By accepting these User Terms, you expressly agree to transfer such personal information or data to Northern House Clearance to use, store and process the personal information for the purposes of providing the services offered on this Web Site.

You must not forward or reproduce in any way – electronic or manual – any of our material without our written permission. We reserve the right to seek an appropriate legal remedy if you breach any part of this agreement.

We have a number of security policies, rules and technical measures to protect the personal data that we have under our control from unauthorised or improper use or from accidental loss.

Nothing in this agreement affects your statutory rights.

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