Terms & Conditions

All work and services we undertake are subject to these terms and conditions. They are deemed to have been accepted by you either if you accept our quotation or if you have visited our website.

Any quotation from us is conditional upon the job being as you described to us. If we subsequently discover that the job is not as you have described and will require larger costs to us than the information provided by you had indicated, we will adjust the quotation accordingly.

If you require us to enter and remove objects from a property (the “Property”) you warrant to us and keep us fully indemnified against loss or damage or liability howsoever arising from any and all breaches of such warranty that: –

You are lawfully entitled to allow us access to the Property

The Property is safe for us and our subcontractors to enter and to carry out our normal work in.

Items requiring specialised disposal would be quoted separately and would not be included within a general estimate. Specialised disposal items include: fridges, freezers, car batteries, pianos, bagged building waste, larger electrical equipment, large quantities of PC equipment/monitors and any other item considered hazardous.

If our team have to return to the same property on another day to complete the clearance then this will be charged the same as the initial visit.

The client is responsible for advising us if there are any known circumstances which may hinder our crew during the clearance or in any other way adversely affect the timely completion of the work.

All invoices must be settled on the day of completion of your clearance unless you have an account or have agreed alternative payment conditions in advance. Interest may, at Northern House Clearances discretion, become payable at LIBOR plus 5% p.a. on monies outstanding in this way.