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House Clearance Skipton – Before & After Photographs, West Yorkshire

We undertake house clearance in all areas of Skipton: Aire Valley Lothersdale Barden Fell Bentham Cowling Embsay Eastby Gargrave Malhamdale Glusburn Grassington Hellifield Long Preston Ingleton Clapham Thornton-in-Lonsdale Penyghent.

How Does Northern House Clearance Services Work?

  • The first step is to CALL US ON 07966 311 536 for prices/quote.
  • We will ask you a few simple questions in order to understand your situation.
  • We usually just require 24 hours notice. We like to turn up at 9am on the day of our appointment and stay until the house clearance is complete.
  • Once we have removed all of the furniture, junk & rubbish from the house we will issue you with an invoice for your records.
  • We ALWAYS keep household items to one side which we know can be either re-used or donated free to charity. Our house clearance charges are fair & we do NOT add 20% VAT on the final price.

A Full List Of Our Skipton House Clearing Services

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House Clearance Skipton Before & After Photographs

House Clearance In Skipton Case Example: House Clearance Requirements

Although it’s true to say that most of our house clearance work involves residential properties, we also clear offices, and that is what this case involved. The client was the landlord of a block of offices in the centre of town. The property was Victorian with six storeys and the client wanted us to completely clear the top floor. The company that had been renting the space had gone bankrupt and in the ensuing chaos a lot of office equipment and furniture had been left behind. The receivers had already taken what they believed they could sell for a worthwhile price, and the landlord now wanted to clear the office so he could rent it out again.

House Clearance Overview

We arrived bright and early on a Sunday morning and parked our vans outside the building where the office was located in Skipton. We’d decided to do the job on a Sunday because that would cause less disturbance to the block’s other occupants, and also because traffic would be lighter and parking easier.

First, we cleared the furniture which included desks, filing cabinets, tables, desks and chairs. Most of the filing cabinets were empty as the paperwork had already been removed by the receivers. However, a couple of cabinets did have some files in them. We’d been told that these contained nothing that needed to be kept confidential, so shredding was not necessary. On some jobs of this type, data protection and confidentiality do require the shredding of documents, a service we’re happy to provide when needed.

There was some broken down office equipment including three photocopiers, two scanners and some large, old-fashioned desktop monitors. Fortunately, the building had a service lift which was large enough to accommodate the items we needed to move.

Disposal of Contents

We delivered the photocopiers and other electrical equipment to the council’s local waste unit where they we would be dealt with under the strict WEEE regulations that govern the disposal of electronic waste. Skipton house clearance donated the furniture to three local charities in the centre of Skipton who were all delighted to take a free delivery of much needed office furniture for their own use. Paper and cardboard waste was sent to the local recycling facility.

Client Comments

The client was very impressed by our fast and efficient work, and by the fact that we were happy to work on a Sunday to minimise disturbance to his other tenants.

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