How Much Does House Clearance Cost? Average Prices

The first thing our house clearance customers ask is how much does house clearance cost?

Note! The below price guide is better suited for standard and cluttered houses only. For extreme hoarded house clearance a one price quote is better for both parties due to the fact that every hoarded house has its own set of complexities and potential problems. Call us to discuss your hoarded houses clearance requirements.

Different house clearance companies charge different prices so the guide below will hopefully give you an insight into the actual expenses a legitimate house clearance company will incur during a standard house clearance service.

Be mindful & alert to house clearance services that quote low prices.

Remember if you get a price from a house clearance company that is low and sounds to good to be true then be very aware, your waste is your responsibility and if fly tipped waste is traced back to you then you will be held responsible.

Cheap house clearance cowboys fly tipping the contents of a recently cleared house…

House Clearance Average Price – Cost

The largest cost a legitimate house clearance company will incur is the tipping/recycling fees. A Luton van full of house clearance waste costs on average £200-£300 plus VAT to empty.

The prices below are based on an average sized 3 bedroom property. The costs are the actual costs our company incurred on the day.

House Clearance Staff Wages.

Our company usually sends three house clearance specialists to each property requiring clearance.

3 x staff, insurance, paye & pensions £220

House Clearance Recycling Costs.

A Luton van filled with house clearance waste on average costs £200-£300 plus VAT to off load at a licensed recycling centre.

House Clearance Vehicle Costs

Road tax, insurance costs, maintenance & fuel averages £95 per day.

Other Costs Associated With House Clearance

Waste carriers license, office rent, rates, electricity, phone and internet, public liability insurance, websites & accountancy fees approx £85 per day.

This gives an estimated cost of around £600 plus vat to legitimately undertake a house clearance (Based on 1 load) this cost does not include our company profit. Any extra van loads if required cost 50% of original quote.

Remember, some house clearance companies operate outside the law and give the industry a bad reputation. Nobody wants to see our countryside littered with fly tipped waste, so all were asking is be mindful of company’s that undercharge.

House Clearance Valuables – Off Set?

We are one of the only house clearance companies in the UK that are able to provide an offsetting service for any house clearance valuables as we have full time trained probate valuers within our company. Our house clearance off setting service.

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