House of compulsive hoarder could “take months” to clear

Two boats, four cars, 12 bicycles, two motorbikes and a caravan are amongst the things left behind by a compulsive hoarder in the garden of his Birmingham home.

Brian Wright died three weeks ago at the age of 67 and now neighbours are wondering how long it will take to get everything cleared from around his house.

Ken Daniels, a neighbour for Mr Wright said to the Birmingham Mail, “It’s got to be twenty or thirty years of rubbish. If he’d got the boat and go up the canal and have a sail at the weekend and bring it back Sunday night I could understand but it’s never moved.”

Mr. Wright is thought to have had a compulsive hoarding condition (or disposophobia), which caused him to keep all the things he did.

Neighbours have urged the relatives to use a dedicated house clearance company, saying that it’s “going to take months before they get rid of all the rubbish” if they continue to do it themselves.

Writing about the condition for West Suffolk Psychological Services, Fred Penzel Ph.D. noted, “Compulsive hoarding can be quite excruciating, just like any form of OCD. When you look closely at the lives of compulsive hoarders, there is no doubt that they can become incapacitated and disabled by their habits.”

Dr Penzel concluded: ”Their home lives can be rather isolated and they are unable to have home visitors or even repairmen come into their homes due to the serious embarrassment they would feel at having someone see the clutter.”

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