What Does House Clearance Entail?

There are a variety of reasons why you might require a house clearance. A relative may have sadly passed away, or have reached a stage where they have to move out of their home into residential care. Someone with mental health problems might have become a hoarder, meaning a house has to be cleared on health and safety grounds.

Whatever the reason you need a house clearance, Northern House Clearance is here to help. Just a quick note on who we are first. We’re a family owned and run business that was founded in 1998. We’re fully licensed by the UK Environment Agency and we’re fully insured.

Obviously, a house clearance will start with you contacting us with your request. At that point, we’ll need just ask you a few details about the property to be cleared – the location and size of the property and its general state. We’ll be able to work out how many vans loads we’ll need to complete the house clearance. From that information, we’ll be able to give you a free cost estimate for the full clearance.

Once we’ve set a date at your convenience, you can expect as to arrive on the appointed day early, usually by 9 in the morning. You’ll find that our uniformed and professional staff are courteous and more than keen to get on with the job at hand. We’ll start to methodically clear the house, packing the contents into one of our vans. We’ll also clear the garden and any outhouses or garages if you’ve asked us to do that.

We sort the goods out into categories. Anything we believe to be of value, we’ll set to one side and inform you about it (Look at our House Clearance Valuables – Off Set? page). Any furniture or smaller items that can be re-used will be donated by us to various charities.

Only things which have no conceivable value or reuse will be taken to an authorised waste transfer station. We work hard to keep that category down to an absolute minimum.

Once we’ve finished clearing the house, we can also offer a general cleaning service if that is desired.

Another service we can offer before the house clearance is probate valuation through our sister company ITG Probate Valuations. This is the valuation that you need to give to HMRC so that they can calculate whether you will have to pay inheritance tax, and if so, how much you will have to pay. The value of the contents of a house is one of the components that you have to declare towards inheritance tax.

Finally, don’t just take our word about Northern House Clearance – read some of the customer feedback on our website.

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