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How Does Northern House Clearance Services Work?

  • The first step is to CALL US ON 07966 311 536 for prices/quote.
  • We will ask you a few simple questions in order to understand your situation.
  • We usually just require 24 hours notice. We like to turn up at 9am on the day of our appointment and stay until the house clearance is complete.
  • Once we have removed all of the furniture, junk & rubbish from the house we will issue you with an invoice for your records.
  • We ALWAYS keep household items to one side which we know can be either re-used or donated free to charity. Our house clearance charges are fair & we do NOT add 20% VAT on the final price.

A Full List Of Our Carlisle House Clearing Services

House clearances can be potentially stressful & troublesome if you use cowboy companies – Please look at our many House Clearance Recommendations

It is strange, how in the short space of 10 years life can change so much. When I first started House Clearance Carlisle, the House Clearance in Carlisle business was concerned about the simple things in life – making a living, building your business, arranging nights out with your House Clearance competitors under the guise of trade bodies – everyone seemed very relaxed about life. Unfortunately for the House Clearance industry, the world reinvented recycling and, even more unfortunately, the power mongers decided it should be waste. Ever since then we have been involved in an uphill battle against what has often been nonsensical legislation.

I don’t know if I have become too cynical or perhaps a little paranoid, but, when one sees an industry being manipulated by bureaucracy, one has to ask themselves why? Does government really want to reduce recycling, does government really want to get rid of the bulk of House Clearance companies in Carlisle, does government want to destroy the international trade in second hand clothing – the list is endless when it comes to laws that seem aimed at destroying the House Clearance industry. Perhaps the reasons for this constant attack on recyclers is a little more sinister, perhaps it is about control of essential materials. It is amusing that we are lumped in with waste legislation when many of the materials handled by House Clearance companies would become of national importance in times of war. It does make one wonder whether the industry is so effectively tied into waste legislation to give government a control over these materials.

Enough of trying to understand the nonsense behind the industries’ position. There is far too much that we are not privy to – we can only guess. An aspect to the House Clearance industry that has impressed me is how it has managed to keep its cool under the constant hassle that has reigned. I know from my own business House Clearance Carlisle the pain and grief that can be brought about by the system in the form of VAT and tax officials. Add to that another set in the form of what is now the Environment Agency and it is surprising that calm has been so prevalent. Especially when some official comes in to inspect your business, who knows absolutely nothing about House Clearance recycling for example.

What will the next 10 years hold? If one applies common sense then one could assume that the House Clearance industry has an extremely secure place, with recycling an integral part of society. Plastics should hold great promise as should all new materials coming on stream as these would have been created with end of life in mind. Whether commonsense will prevail remains to be seen, one thing that will be there is House Clearance Carlisle to keep you up to date with what’s happening.

House Clearance Carlisle reveals the results of a survey on the contents of household waste have thrown up an interesting discrepancy. As you can read in our feature Wheeled Bin Waste Worry, the Environment Agency is currently collating the results of a survey into the packaging content of collected household waste. One of the main questions raised by this involves the difference between the amount of waste produced by householders using wheeled bins and those with dustbins or plastic sack collections. Seemingly, the latter are producing roughly two thirds of the amount of waste compared to wheeled bin users. These statistics seem extraordinary. It has long been suspected that this situation is the case, but the survey’s results not only provide the evidence, but also show just how great the disparity is. Now, the question is: why?

One school of thought suggests that the effect is psychological. However large the bin is, most people tend to fill it, in the same way that sheds and garages in your home tend to fill with clutter no matter how large they are. It could also be the case that people are more likely to visit their local waste transfer station to dispose of bulky waste or call House Clearance Carlisle, rather than squeeze it into the Wheelie bin. If this is the case, then they could be more likely to use recycling banks and scrap metal skips, rather than just leaving their waste to be landfilled, House Clearance Carlisle does not landfill. This raises an interesting question: do wheeled bin users recycle less than other householders, because they visit the local waste transfer station more often or use the service of Carlisle House Clearance.

Also, are non-Wheelie bin users more likely to use collection banks stationed at supermarkets etc., so more of their waste is being recycled? If it is simply the case wheeled bin users produce more waste, then why do local authorities switch to wheeled bin schemes? They may involve less manpower and so cut labour costs to a certain degree, but they could result in much higher disposal costs, as the volume of waste is much greater. Their environmental impact may also be significantly worse. Whatever the reason, one thing is obvious. The Environment Agency should seriously consider carrying out an investigation into the impact of wheeled bin schemes on recycling and waste disposal. The recent survey has raised more questions than it has answered.

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