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  • We ALWAYS keep household items to one side which we know can be either re-used or donated free to charity. Our house clearance charges are fair & we do NOT add 20% VAT on the final price.

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House Clearance Falkirk – Recycled Waste Turned To Energy

The house clearance industry has been grabbing the headlines lately, complaining about the high costs of Vehicle Excise Duty and fuel tax. We here at house clearance Falkirk examine the problems escalating transport costs are creating for house clearance services in Falkirk & the rest of the UK.

In yet another measure designed to supposedly protect the environment, business considerations are being ignored. In this case the environmental tax on transport is damaging an industry that by its very nature protects the environment. With depressed markets for almost all materials, from paper to metals, house clearance recyclers are relying on razor thin profit margins for their livelihood. Overheads have to be kept to a minimum, and yet the house clearance industry has no control over what is probably the largest overhead.

The infamous ‘proximity principle’ talked about by the Environment Agency, has crept in through the back door, as house clearance services in Falkirk are forced to restrict their area of operation to cut transport costs. To make matters worse, a new carbon energy tax is being created, so that soon there will be a tax not only on the transport of house clearance waste, but on their processing. More house clearance companies are already warning of the potential consequences to their industry. More energy is surely saved recycling house clearance waste here in the UK, than in mining, refining and manufacturing raw material overseas and shipping it into this country.

There have been quite a few Government documents about recycling published in the last month, as there is every summer. It would be easy for all this paper to blind us to one of the most important pieces of legislation under debate this year: the energy tax that goes under the title of the Climate Change Levy. Energy dependent reprocessors in many sectors will face increased costs due to this supposedly revenue neutral energy tax. As few house clearance operations are labour intensive, companies will not be able to recoup the costs in National Insurance contributions.

As they sell recycable house clearance materials that are traded internationally they will be at a competitive disadvantage on the open market. This environmentally beneficial industry already saves vast amounts of energy by reducing the amount of raw materials needed One US report suggests that every pound of material recycled saves one kW of electricity. Yet, if the new energy tax is introduced domestically recycled house clearance material will be at a cost disadvantage to imported raw materials.

The energy tax will be yet another ‘environmental’ cost for house clearance services in Falkirk as well as companies around the UK. Ironic really, when an expensive report has just been published on improving markets for recycled house clearance materials. It seems strange that Government policy seems to view recycling as good but the recycling industry as bad.

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