House Clearance Dundee – Skip Permits A Licence To Print Money

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House Clearance Dundee – Skip Permits A Licence To Print Money

Skip permits were introduced as one of a series of local authority money-raisers. Essentially every time a skip is placed on the public highway, the local council can levy a charge. Skip operators have been faced with dealing with this new tax, which has significantly increase the cost of skip-hire.

House Clearance Dundee asks if local authorities of using this legislation as a licence to print money, and a backdoor council tax increase targeted at the less well-off who, in most parts of the country, are more likely to live in terraced houses with no drive or front garden. Inevitably the charge has to be paid by the householder, who may well be low-paid. If money is tight, then the extra permit cost may well make fly-tipping more likely, or the use of ‘dodgy’ disposal operators using illegal landfill sites. If skip-hire is off the menu, then the householder could decide to use a council waste transfer station, so the council (and ultimately the tax-payer) will end up both footing the bill and disposing of the waste.

The environment could also suffer as most municipal waste transfer stations probably recover much less material than House Clearance Dundee, who recycles 80% of house clearance waste. The legislation states that sufficient charges should be made for ‘considering’ the matter of issuing a permit. However, who decides just how much effort should be made for ‘considering’, and what charge is justified? The average amount of time taken for each permit was a three minute telephone call. As each permit costs £23.50 each that works out at £500 an hour. Not bad, if you can get it, or set whatever charges you like with no competition and the power of the law on your side to enforce it. Charges are also set to increase in most areas in April, as Councils set their budget for the next tax year.

House Clearance Dundee understand that council officers may be roaming the streets Monday to Friday on the lookout for skips on the road without a permit. The matter of VAT has also not been clarified. As the skips are a service, should the operators add VAT to the permit charge to the householder? As householders are unlikely to be VAT registered, they will be unable to claim the tax back.

There is also the question of where householders will be allowed to place skips when building work is underway on their house. Local authorities in some areas have banned skips being placed at the back of houses, which could cause a lot of problems for householders having new kitchens or extensions. Some councils are only allowing miniskips to be put on roads, which seems illogical as they are the same width as a standard skip and have only a third the capacity, which results in more transport for emptying.

Again this will prove to be more expensive for the public, and in this case have more of an environmental impact due to the extra traffic caused. Proportionally, skip permit fees are also much greater for miniskips. If the average charge is £54 for miniskip hire, then in Dundee the fee adds almost 40% to the total cost. House Clearance Dundee would like to see a standard approach introduced nationwide: with standard conditions, covering the same length of time and, perhaps most importantly, at the same realistic cost.

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