House Clearance Cumbernauld Increased Separation Of Recycables From Household Waste

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House Clearance Cumbernauld Increased Separation Of Recycables From Household Waste

Uncertainty. That’s the word I hear most when I talk to people from the different sectors of the house clearance industry. Uncertainty over markets. Uncertainty over licensing. Uncertainty over legislation. Uncertainty over their jobs or their businesses. Future uncertainty. Difficulties you face now, feel even worse when you cannot rely on the situation improving in the future. Belt-tightening is all very well – but there are only so many notches! For example, house clearance companies are facing the forthcoming Directive on waste recycling (although it has been delayed yet again). This legislation could be yet another blow for the House Clearance Cumbernauld industry, or it could spell a revival.

Not even the experts can say. Even after this legislation is approved at a European level, the UK Government will adapt it for adoption into British law. As we have seen with other laws, this will probably result in different treatment for UK house clearance business owners with conditions in the rest of Europe. For the average House Clearance company struggling to balance their books with the vast increase in fuel costs, and the dramatic fall in metal prices over the past 18 months, not to mention sorting out their exemption conditions, the Directive is just another thing to worry about. Yet, the average person would assume that legislation designed to increase recycling rates for house clearance to targets of 85-95% would benefit the house clearance service sector. We know from past and bitter experience that this ‘ain’t necessarily so’ especially for House Clearance Cumbernauld & the rest of Scotland

With all the emphasis on the poor recycling rate of 8% for household waste, it is too easy to miss the reality of house clearance & recycling in Cumbernauld. According to Government figures, 31% of TOTAL waste was recycled in 2014. This includes household, commercial, industrial, construction and demolition waste.

Yet members of the public watching the media coverage of the new Waste Strategy document, ‘A Way with Waste’ would only see the dreadful statistics bandied about by commentators and politicians. Most of the waste recycled by the house clearance sector and many others is simply not acknowledged publicly no more so than here at House Clearance Cumbernauld.

It seems a shame that such an enormous contribution to the environment has gone unsung. As you can see in the Market Development Report, the house clearance industry in Cumbernauld & the rest of the UK already has the infrastructure to cope with increased separation of recycables from household waste. The attention paid to analysing the house clearance & recycling industry in the report was perhaps misplaced. I know what house clearers & recyclers are like. Forgive me for making a gross generalisation here, but recyclers are market-led.

Put simply, ‘show me the money’ could be the industry slogan. If there is a demand for recyclate, they will supply the Recyclers material. The small to medium sized house clearance companies dismissed in the report as too small scale, are far more flexible than some lumbering nationwide players. They can set up a new business to cater to a developing market a lot faster than a Government department can print a report. Provide the demand for recyclate, and the rest will follow.

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