Support Group Launched For Hoarders

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A new support group has been launched in Brentwood to help sufferers of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and hoarding cope with their symptoms, according to This is Total Essex.

The group is set to help people talk through their experiences with the disorders, share advice and set goals to try and help overcome anxieties.

Hundreds of people across the community suffer from OCD, whether it be “mild traits or a debilitating dependency which can leave people prisoners in their own home.”

One serious symptom of OCD is compulsive hoarding; described as the excessive collecting of items, even if they are hazardous, unsanitary or worthless. For many, the disorder requires a complete home contents clearance to be undertaken, in order to remove the offending items.

For OCD sufferer from within the Essex area, Tom Hardy, the symptoms were more associated with cleanliness. He spoke out about his experience with the condition: “At five or six, I was obsessive with germs and then perhaps when I got older it was more of a social thing.”

“Going into places on my own I would get very anxious.”

Furthermore, the founder of the support group – who wished to be known as James – made a statement concerning the news. He claimed: “I knew there were people out there with OCD in Brentwood. Here I am helping to give advice and getting help as well.”

News of the formation of the OCD/hoarding support group came shortly after argued that hoarders often don’t acknowledge the fact they have a problem.

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