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Skip Permit Survey Results

At last, House Clearance Bradford brings you the results of our survey into skip permits across the nation. House Clearance Bradford asked exactly what local authorities are charging to issue skip permits for containers placed on public roads and pavements.

Skip operators in England and Wales have been faced with this new form of taxation, which significantly increases the cost of skip-hire for the general public. Allan Davis, from House Clearance Bradford is campaigning against the recently introduced system, called it a ‘Terraced House tax’, as it targets the less well-off, who are most likely to live in houses with no drive or front garden. We now have details on the permit charges of over 50 local authorities. Which works out at around 10%: a fair sample to show how significant the problem is. The main finding is that local councils are adopting radically different approaches.

At one extreme, the London Borough of Merton charges a whopping £29 pounds for a permit valid for a month, and requires up to 3 days notice. Meanwhile, Darwen up in the North West makes no charge at all for a fortnight-long permit. Although councils tend to issue permits for a set period of time, we did not work out the weekly rate, as the charge is per permit. Of course, another consequence of this, is that many householders are paying for permits valid long after the skip has been removed! So what are council’s charging? House Clearance Bradford worked out that the average charge is £10.75: but as you can see there is a wide spread. The majority of council’s charge over £10 per permit. Equally reasonable number make no charge at all. This does raise the question: why do some council consider high charges necessary and others think no charge is merited?

Exactly how do local authorities decide on a figure? As you might expect, charges in London were quite high. The preponderance on terraced houses in the capital, combined with the number of older houses requiring renovation, must mean that London councils receive considerable revenue from this new form of taxation. All of the London authorities reported on were making at least £10 from every skip permit issued – with the majority of boroughs charging £20 or more. Wales had possibly the greatest disparity between local councils: Swansea makes no charge for permits, but Monmouthshire makes a whopping £30 each time.

As for the other regions:

North In Lancashire the most frequently encountered charge was £13.50;
Merseyside – we only heard from St Helens where permits are issued free of charge;
Manchester – again we only heard from Trafford where the charge was £12.50;
South Yorkshire – £2 for a weekly permit.
Midlands Dudley charges were £20 – but the reports for the rest of the Midlands showed that permit fever has not yet hit the region; in Hereford and Nottingham no charge is made for permits.
South West All of the councils we heard of charge £10-£20;
South East We had the most responses back for this region where charges are obviously causing a lot of resentment.
Surrey – the most frequent charge here was £20 per permit.
Kent – Surprisingly, most Kent councils make no charge for a skip permit.
Hampshire – £4 from April 1st according to our readers.
Essex – £15 throughout South Essex was the norm.
Sussex – Free permits throughout West Sussex.

House Clearance Bradford can report that fees was expected to rise at the beginning of this month, but most people were not quite sure. Possibly because the Councils had either not decided or were keeping things close to their chest. Some councils introduced charges for the first time this month. Even when no charges were made, skip operators complained about the length of time it took for them to be issued. Of course, many skip businesses pride themselves on prompt service to their customers. If they have to wait several days for a permit to be issued it reflects badly on their operation. The slowest council to issue a permit according to our readers was Croydon, who take a week. Two to three days was the most common response time.

There were also vast differences in the amount of time permits were valid for. The most common time limit was four weeks. However about 20% issued permits for a fortnight. A smaller proportion only issued permits weekly. As for where skips are allowed to be placed: the response was generally favourable. The vast majority of councils allowed skips at both the front and back of properties. However for about 20% of Councils covered in the survey, this does depend on the individual property – an inspection may be required, for which an extra charge is made in some areas. Whether permits are subject to VAT was definitely less than clear. Some councils ask for VAT – and some do not.

What do they charge?

Charging £20 plus – The worst offenders.
Dorchester, Dudley, Harrow, Kingston, London Borough of Merton, Mole Valley, Monmouthshire, Reigate & Bamstead, Runnymede, Surrey, Weymouth, Windsor, Woking.

Charging £10-£19 – Middle of the road, but still pricy.
Barnet, Bexley, Bromley, Chorley, Croydon, Greenwich, Lancashire CC, Lewisham, Neath & Port Talbot, North Devon, Plymouth, Preston, Rossendale, South Essex, South Ribbl,e Trafford, Wandsworth.

Charging £1-£9 – Almost a bargain, but not quite.
Hampshire, Hillingdon, South Yorkshire.

No Charge – The best price, but you still face the paperwork.
Blackburn, Canterbury, Dartford, Darwen, Epsom ,Gravesham, Hereford, Kent, Nottingham, Rochester (Medway), Sevenoaks, St Helens, Swansea ,Thanet, West Sussex.

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