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EC Waste & Recycling Regulations

Parliament have set out to increase the UK recycling rates for waste in line with the EC Waste Directive, which requires member states to achieve recovery rates of between 50% and 65% by 2018. As is often the case with legislation originating in Brussels, the full ramifications are not yet clear especially for us in The Dundee house clearance business. You would expect legislation designed to increase recycling rates to benefit the recycling & house clearance industry here is Dundee.

However, whether this will be the case is as yet uncertain. The recycling & house clearance industries are putting a brave face on things, perhaps because they realise just how expensive such legislation could have been. In a sense they are getting off lightly, if you compare the expected costs of the UK scheme to others, for example; the enormous expense of the German System. So if we follow this comparison through, the DSD has cost a great deal of money and has not always been successful.

The proposed UK system will cost less but just how successful will it be? In Germany, huge amounts of recyclables have often been collected, for which either there is no end market domestically or no method of cost effective reuse for the mountains of material. Flooding the markets both home and abroad with surplus stocks of paper and board, for example, has resulted in price collapses and damage to the recovered paper markets in the past.

With many recyclable markets, there is a delicate balance between supply and prices: any changes in circumstances can cause problems. A sudden rise in the amount of materials collected could prove disastrous. At the moment the waste & house clearance reuse markets are suffering due to a fall in demand from recyclers, despite legislation designed to increase the amount of waste to be recycled no more so than here in Dundee. We can only hope that the new waste regulations will benefit rather than harm the recycling & house clearance industries.

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