OCD House Clearance Service | A Bit OCD-ish?

OCD House Clearance Service | A Bit OCD-ish?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) has been adapted as a light-hearted term of endearment for some people, whose friends may call them “a bit OCD-ish,” however the truth behind the sometimes-crippling condition can be a lot more serious.

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That’s according to one sufferer, writing for The Guardian. The academic, who was not named, claimed that: “People think I’m doing well.”

“I suppose I am, were it not for the fact that I suffer from severe OCD. I have done for most of my life. At nearly 50, it’s my best-kept secret, and a source of shame.”

Much is made of OCD and its resultant symptoms – hand-washing, compulsive rituals and sometimes, excessive hoarding. These can be combated by cognitive behavioural therapy and at times, a house clearance, which can help hoarders to work through their belongings slowly but effectively.

For the anonymous academic telling his story, the OCD takes form of obsessive thoughts.

“Mine involve orderliness, fears of contamination, social phobias and a growing number of repetitive actions. I must walk or run for at least an hour each day, even when I’m sick; only certain foods can be eaten; sex is out too now (too messy); and sick people are to be avoided.”

This sufferer has a complex and very serious form of OCD; so much so that he claimed he leads a type of double life. Having tried several forms of therapy, he is no better – and now his worries have become even greater, as he spends each day concerned over whether or not his condition will be passed down to his children.

“Life shouldn’t be life this,” he said, but added: “I’ll crack it one day, I hope. For now, though, it’s back to the hamster’s wheel.”

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