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House Clearance In Rothbury Case Example: Client instructions

We were called by an estate agent based in Rothbury who was in charge of preparing a house for rent on behalf of the owner. The property was a modern semi-detached house with five bedrooms, which had been somewhat neglected over the years. It was in need of a thorough clearance and deep clean, followed by refurbishment and redecoration, so that it could achieve the best possible price on the rental market.

We were to clear all the furniture from the property, then to give it a thorough clean.

Rothbury House Clearance Overview

We met the estate agent at 8 a.m. at the property and took a quick tour of the house. We told the agent that we reckoned a four-man team would be able to finish the job in one day. This was the first time we’d worked with this particular agent, and he was skeptical that we’d be able to do the job so quickly. He left, and we started on the work.

The first thing that we’d noticed was the neglect that the house had suffered over the years. Many of the rooms had been affected by damp and mold, and it looked like an age had passed since it had last been decorated. Unfortunately, most of the furniture, the carpets and the curtains had been spoiled by damp.

We started by removing everything from the living room, working as a team to remove the heavier items like the large oak dining table. The TV still worked, so we put that to one side, and we also made a note of the items that were still in a good enough condition to be reused.

We cleared out the entire kitchen, including all of the white goods and the remains of some items that had been left in the fridge. We also cleared the bedrooms and packed up all of the miscellaneous personal effects like clothes and books that had been left behind by previous tenants.

After removing the carpets and curtains, we cleaned the house throughout. It took a few hours to clean every single corner, but we were determined to leave it looking excellent.

When we had finished, the estate agent returned to review the property and had to admit that not only had we finished work within the time we’d estimated, but we’d also done an excellent job.

Rothbury Disposal of Contents

Much of the furniture and the contents from the clearance were not in a suitable condition to be reused, so we recycled what we could to reduce the amount that we had to send to landfill. However, we did manage to donate some of the furniture to a charity shop in Rothbury, including the dining table. The TV and most of the books and CDs that we came across also went to the charity shop.

Rothbury Client Comments

The client was very happy with our work. He added us to his list of approved contractors for future house clearances, and we’ve now done two more jobs for the firm.

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