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House Clearance In Huyton Case Example: Client instructions

A local buy-to-let landlord who owned several properties in the Huyton area contacted us and asked us to clear one of her properties. We knew this client quite well as we’d done two previous jobs for her – we’re always pleased to get repeat custom. The property in question was a large four-bedroomed, detached Victorian house in the suburbs. The client had recently married and she’d decided to move into the property herself. She wanted it completely cleared as she planned to refurbish and redecorate it before moving in.

Huyton House Clearance Report

We arrived at the property at 7 o’clock and started work on the upper floor of the two-storey house. There was quite a wide staircase so getting various beds and wardrobes down and into our van presented no problem for our professional staff. Then we started on the ground floor, where there was a living room and kitchen as well as another bedroom.

We cleared the white goods and the cabinets from the kitchen and by three in the afternoon we’d filled our vans with all the furniture that could be reused or recycled. We delivered that to a recycling centre in Huyton and then returned to transport the remainder to the council’s waste facility.

Huyton House Contents Disposal

The fitted carpets and a few pieces of furniture were beyond use so they had to go to landfill. Fortunately, those items amounted to less than 10 percent of the total, so we had met our target of a maximum of 10 percent of any clearance going to waste.

The remainder of the furniture had little intrinsic value but it was still usable so we offered it to a local charity in Huyton that worked to re-house homeless families and they were more than glad to take it.

Huyton Customer Feedback

Our client was very pleased with the standard of our work, as she always had been previously. She strongly approved of our decision to donate the usable furniture to charity and assured us she would be using us again when she needed a clearance.

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