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How Does Northern House Clearance Services Work?

  • The first step is to CALL US ON 07966 311 536 for prices/quote.
  • We will ask you a few simple questions in order to understand your situation.
  • We usually just require 24 hours notice. We like to turn up at 9am on the day of our appointment and stay until the house clearance is complete.
  • Once we have removed all of the furniture, junk & rubbish from the house we will issue you with an invoice for your records.
  • We ALWAYS keep household items to one side which we know can be either re-used or donated free to charity. Our house clearance charges are fair & we do NOT add 20% VAT on the final price.

A Full List Of Our Glasgow House Clearing Services

House clearances can be potentially stressful & troublesome if you use cowboy companies – Please look at our many House Clearance Recommendations

General Glasgow House Clearance Article / Moving Home

Prior to moving house in Glasgow, there are many things to take care of and unless you have some experience in the matter, it can be a frustrating ordeal. Any homeowner, whether they are single or have a family would find house relocation to be a tricky undertaking. One of the hardest parts is the actual preparation for the move / this includes check/lists, budget plans, phone calls and packing up.

Although some people can move within a fairly short time period, it doesn’t mean that they don’t go through the same amounts of stress. On the contrary, more time for preparation / means less things that can potentially go wrong. Proper planning allows you to give careful consideration to each step and shop around for the best moving company and better packing materials. Good preparation also gives you more time to properly say goodbye to your friends and relatives.

A common problem for everyone who moves is when they realise that they have too many items that need to be packed away and relocated. It becomes even more tricky when you realise that you cannot simply stick them all in a box and onto the moving van. Certain items require careful packing and correct materials in order not to damage them. This where Glasgow house clearance comes in.

It would be best to come to terms with the fact that it is not reasonable to move every single object that you own. Most of us have items around the house that could be considered clutter: broken, damaged, old and useless items; objects given to you that you never used and so on. Packing and moving such items can become very expensive, especially if the move is to a very distant or even international location.

The best option would be to do an extensive house clearance using our Glasgow house clearance team to remove any items that you won’t be using in your new home. The purpose of a house clearance is a an organised, step/by/step process of cleaning and removing clutter from your home space. Apart from moving, house clearance is important because it makes your house a much cleaner and healthier place to live. You will create a lot more space, and possibly even make some income by selling on unwanted items.

You can categorise the items your unwanted possessions into several groups / rubbish, items for sale, items for recycling, and items to donate. You can organise a garage or boot sale for saleable items, you can raise a surprising amount of money from doing so. Recycling certain items can also earn you some extra cash. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure that’s why you would be better of calling Glasgow house clearance.

The most logical way to carry out a house clearance in Glasgow is to go from room to room and finish in the garage, attic or garden shed. Make sure to clean and disinfect the vacated spaces as you move from one room to the next.

Place the items in plastic bin bags and put the correct labels on them. The bulky ones can be placed outside the room, so that there is space to clean and decide what to do next. When cleaning make sure to check for mold, mildew and pests. Removing the clutter is a excellent way to improve the house that you are vacating. If you plan to sell it or rent it out, the place has to be clean because there will definitely be an inspection.

Depending in how well organised you are and how many people are helping you, a house clearance in Glasgow may take between a few hours to a few days.

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