House Transformed By Burnley Local Council

An abandoned house in Cliviger, Burnley, has been resurrected by the local council; given a complete house clearance before being transformed into a sellable property.

According to the World Realty Sales, the house – situated on Red Lees Road – sits on the end of a terrace, and had been an “eyesore.”

That was the opinion of one local estate agent, David Moss, who told the press: “The house was an eyesore. It had been empty for many years. It could have been knocked down.”

“But then the council bought it by agreement. It is a total transformation and they have done a top quality job. Everything about it is new. It looks really good.”

This home was one of 40 throughout the region to be given the makeover treatment by Burnley Council; which were previously not considered as worthy of a house clearance. However after revisiting the properties, the council decided to undertake the huge project and intervened soon thereafter.

A spokesperson for the council, Paul Gatrell, spoke to the Burnley Express about the move; claiming: “We are now proud to present an impressive high-class two-bedroom property with modern kitchen and bathroom.”

“It has been on the market for a week but we’ve already had a lot of interest. There have been six viewings and two offers. People are very keen.”

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