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Recycling Tips For The Home

If you know how, then recycling in the home is easy. There are a number of different ways to recycle in the home; one of the best is to buy products that create less rubbish, such as products that don’t have excessive packaging. Here are some more tips on recycling in the home.

Reducing Rubbish

An easy way to start reducing rubbish is to switch from disposable products to re/useable products. There are a lot of disposable products you use in the home that can be replaced/ paper napkins can be replaced with cloth napkins, disposable razors, plates, nappies(diapers), paper towels, shopping bags etc can all be replaced by reusable products.

Try and buy “loose” foods instead of heavily packaged goods, avoid buying single packaged products, buy in bulk or transfer the food to re/useable plastic containers.

Use your own shopping bags, or use the home delivery service when buying groceries. Buy concentrated products that use less packaging.

Stop receiving junk mail. You can do this by contacting the Direct Marketing Association in the USA, or if you live in the UK , by contacting the Mailing Preference Service.

Take packed lunches and drinks to work in re/useable plastic containers


Take old clothes and books to charity or thrift shops, or have a garage sale.

Old computers, hi/fi’s and TV’s can be donated to local community projects or schools rather than being thrown away. Many stores run schemes where you can return and recycle products like inkjet cartridges, take advantage of these schemes.

Donate any old magazines to local groups or waiting rooms.

Try and buy items like washing powder that come in refillable containers. Buy rechargeable batteries instead of disposable.

Re/use scrap paper for leaving notes in the home. You can also reuse envelopes by applying labels.


Find out where your nearest recycling unit is, most will handle items like glass, plastic, tetra paks, aluminium cans etc.

Start a compost pile by using kitchen and garden waste.
Look for products in supermarkets that have been recycled, and buy those. Lots of products like toilet tissue, refuse sacks, kitchen towels and envelopes are all made from recycled paper.

Some retailers take back old appliances when new ones are being delivered, ask the retailer if they provide this service before buying. When buying a new electrical appliance look for one that is energy efficient, and ensure your products are well maintained and serviced to extend their life.

Play your part in helping save the environment and start recycling in the home today.

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