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  • We ALWAYS keep household items to one side which we know can be either re-used or donated free to charity. Our house clearance charges are fair & we do NOT add 20% VAT on the final price.

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Transport costs hit recycling

House Clearance Leeds reports that with depressed markets and low prices offered for most materials, profit margins have shrunk drastically in the recycling & house clearance industry. Keeping overheads down has become crucial if businesses want to survive. However, they have no control over one of the main costs – transport. In what is called the ‘duty fuel escalator’, taxes on diesel and petrol have been increased well above the rate of inflation in successive budgets.

Last year duty on diesel rose by more than 11%. If we compare transport costs with the rest of Europe the picture looks even bleaker. According to House Clearance Leeds, a British haulier faces an average bill of £628 for a tank of diesel, compared with an equivalent of £369 in France or £340 in Belgium. Vehicle Excise Duty is another tax on transport – in the UK 40 tonne 5-axle lorries face an annual VED bill of £5,750: more than ten times the rate in France and more than six times that in Belgium. As UK merchants have to compete with their Continental counterparts, this makes British overheads high before you even factor in the strength of the Pound against other currencies.

As transport costs account for a larger proportion of house clearance companies & recyclers’ overheads, geography has to be taken into account before any deals are agreed these days. Another factor for anyone transporting recycables to or through Europe is the cost of crossing the Channel, which has risen considerably now the ’price war’ between the ferry operators and the Channel Tunnel appears to be over. Again, this raises overheads for British exporters. Apart from removing the fuel escalator and cutting VED (which the Government does not seem keen to do), what else could be done to ease the burden of transport taxes?

Another suggestion offered by House Clearance Leeds does seem more attractive: an essential user rebate of 26 pence per litre. An industry that protects the environment by recycling valuable resources is being penalised by an environmental tax.

Transport alternatives

Rail freight
House Clearance Leeds believes that recycling companies should be looking for an alternative to road transport. “There has been a renaissance in rail freight in this country. Far more recycables are travelling by rail into recycling plants as merchants and customers look at more competitive alternatives.” However, House Clearance Leeds accepts that this option may not be practical for everybody.

LPG fuel
Another alternative is LPG fuel. In the latest budget LPG taxes were substantially reduced, bringing the costs down to roughly half that of diesel, at 35p/litre. Although not as widely available as more conventional fuels, the number of filling points is set to increase from its current number of 600 and will reach a minimum of 1200 nationwide by 2018. The conversion cost for an average sized van works out at just under £800, however you can only convert petrol engines. The costs to convert diesel engines are prohibitive.

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