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House Clearance Budget Costs To The Industry

The Budget offered mixed blessings for the Middlesbrough house clearance industry. The Landfill Tax was increased from £7 to £10 for ‘active’ waste, and it seems possible that some house clearance waste could be exempted from the Tax if is it is not for landfill. If so some of the pressure on house clearance companies could be greatly reduced: a cost saving which could be passed on down the rest of the recycling chain.

However, the increased duty on fuel will add further house clearance transport costs. You may get more for your recycables but it will cost you more to deliver them. The house clearance industry in Middlesbrough is warning that the higher fuel prices will add extra costs for all house clearance services across the UK. If you look at our fellow Europeans: diesel costs up to 20 pence less per litre in Germany that it does here, even in environmentally obsessed Denmark, diesel is 15 pence cheaper. In fact we have the highest fuel prices in Europe both for petrol and diesel.

High transport costs allied with the strength of the pound means that British exporters are struggling. The Budget has not lessened these problems, if anything the Conservative Budget has strengthened currency speculators’ faith in Sterling.

Interest rates are widely expected to rise in the next few months, regardless of whether they are managed by the Bank of England or the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Businesses in every major exporting industry are begging the government to take action to weaken the Pound and protect their businesses no more so than here at Middlesbrough house clearance. As house clearance business owners have pointed out at the regional associations annual general meetings the house clearance industry has been struggling under a barrage of environmental legislation in recent years, and now it is under threat from pricing caused by the strength of the Pound. Mr Cameron can do little to boost the global economies but he can certainly act to reduce interest rates and take some of the pressure off the house clearance industry and many other transporters.

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