House Clearance Northumberland Environment Agency Laws

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House Clearance Northumberland Environment Agency Laws

Criticising the Scottish Environment Protection Agency plans to increase waste management licence fees by up to 25%, drew a strong reaction from some quarters. When discussing the Environment Agencies with people from all fields of the recycling house clearance industry especially here at house clearance Northumberland, the complaint heared most frequently is the lack of accountability.

It is almost 17 years since the Agencies were first set up, and in that time I must have discussed them with a vast range of people from both the recycling and the house clearance industries, and the overwhelming consensus is that the Agencies get away with far too much. The Environment Agency does have a ‘customer charter to ensure fair regulation and consistent enforcement.

However that does not seem to stop them hiking up fees as we at Northumberland house clearance know all to well, allegedly harassing house clearance companies and individuals, fudging enforcement when it suits them, and coming down like a tonne of bricks when they want. As I understand it, Government policy demands that quango’s like the Environment Agencies should be subjected to regular and detailed scrutiny, usually at five-yearly intervals. On a whole the environment agency really do a great job but we strongly feel that they should spend more time going after the unlicensed house clearance companies and give us registered licensed house clearance firms a break.

Prosecutions for licensing offences are starting to make themselves felt especially in the house clearance arena (About time we say). The unlicensed house clearance cowboys are now feeling the brunt of the Environment Agency’s attention. The tactics used are almost storm- trooper like, with hi-tech video evidence and round-the-clock surveillance used to help build up cases. One of the most recent prosecutions was of a house clearance company in Northumberland flytipping the house clearance waste into the river Tyne.

After just three days of surveillance from officials the culprits ended up in court facing a huge fine & even possibly prison time. From next month, the Agency is turning its attention to the recycling industry: supposedly targeting unlicensed operators. Just to be on the safe side, it might be worth your while scrutinising the small print of your waste licence now, to make sure that you are complying with all the operating conditions. If you do receive any letters from the Agency, reply promptly, and be co-operative. Otherwise, the costs could be enormous.

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