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How Does Northern House Clearance Services Work?

  • The first step is to CALL US ON 07966 311 536 for prices/quote.
  • We will ask you a few simple questions in order to understand your situation.
  • We usually just require 24 hours notice. We like to turn up at 9am on the day of our appointment and stay until the house clearance is complete.
  • Once we have removed all of the furniture, junk & rubbish from the house we will issue you with an invoice for your records.
  • We ALWAYS keep household items to one side which we know can be either re-used or donated free to charity. Our house clearance charges are fair & we do NOT add 20% VAT on the final price.

A Full List Of Our Dundee House Clearing Services

House clearances can be potentially stressful & troublesome if you use cowboy companies – Please look at our many House Clearance Recommendations

General House Clearance Article:  A Guide To DIY House Clearance In Dundee

Whether you like it or not, if you are planning to do a house clearance in Dundee and are planning on doing some or all of the work yourself, there will be a lot of heavy lifting involved. Furniture will need to be moved, heavy boxes with books, cutlery and other items need to be carried. To carry out a house clearance, it is essential to know the proper way to lift and move heavy objects.

Why is it so important to know how to lift boxes?

Improperly carrying or lifting heavy loads can cause serious injury to yourself and/or your helpers. By ignoring manual handling rules, you risk back injuries which can become chronic and re/surface later on in life. Also, imagine injuring your back on the first day of the house clearance, how will you complete the rest of the task? There will be considerable delays as you will have to take time off to rest and recover.

What other considerations are there?

  • Your attire: it is important to wear the right clothing when carrying out a house clearance. Wear loose fitting clothing which doesn’t restrict your movement and make sure that your shoes have the right amount of support and protection in case you drop something heavy.
  • Inspect the box before lifting: make sure that you have an idea of how heavy it is and plan your route for obstacles in case you have to manoeuvre the box around furniture etc. Will you be able to carry it to the destination in one go, or will you need a break and set it down for a moment? Is there anywhere to place it while you catch your breath?
  • If you have a van or car for moving, make sure to back the vehicle as close to the entrance of the house as possible to reduce your carrying distance.

When carrying a heavy object place it as close to your body as possible for better support and stability in order to stop yourself from losing grip and dropping it. Putting the weight against your body will make it feel somewhat lighter and make it easier to carry.

There is no point in showing off: carry the weight that you feel you can comfortably and safely control.

  • Watch your foot and body placement for balance: keep your feet shoulder width apart and one foot slightly in front of the other for stability.
  • When lifting, use primarily your leg muscles and some back muscles for support / don’t let your back do all the work. Also watch your knees and hips, excessive bending of the joints can cause strain or injury.
  • Avoid twisting your back when lifting or carrying heavy items. If you need to change direction, turn your whole body towards the direction you want to go. You can place the object down and reposition yourself if you have to.
  • Make sure to maintain a good posture when moving heavy objects, keep you head up high and back as straight as you can.

Note! You could always phone our Dundee house clearance service to clear the house for you!

Genuine Dundee Customer Comments

speech2 Booked your Dundee House Clearance for 9.00am to 9.30am. Arrived at 8.55am prompt. A quick and painless house clearance. Very pleasant, obliging and professional work force. Very sympathetic under the circumstances. Would recommend strongly. speech1  Alastair In Dundee

speech2 Just to let you know that we were very pleased with your excellent service during the house clearance of my late Mother in Law in Dundee which was carried out with care and sensitivity. I wouldn’t hesitate to use your service again in the future. Many Thanks. speech1  Pamela In Dundee

speech2 House Clearance Dundee recently cleared the house of my late father in Dundee and so in a very professional manner. They arrived on time, worked hard and with care and diligence. I would have no hesitation in using them again and commend them to you. speech1  Gavin In Angus

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