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If you have not made a will, then you’re not alone – 67% of us haven’t. Most of us realise we should have a will, but are not quite sure why.

UK Probate Valuations Service. We provide guaranteed house contents valuations for probate.

I.T.G specialize in valuing personal house contents possessions, we provide clear and accurate probate valuation & IHT valuations reports of house contents (Chattels) in accordance with HM Revenue and Customs guidelines.

I.T.G. probate or confirmation valuation provides a range of services to assist in the winding up of an estate. We provide our services to private individuals, solicitors, executors & administrators across the UK. Our aim is to make probate valuation as stress free as possible.

For executors who are not familiar with probate valuations and the process of obtaining probate, we have compiled a list of Probate Valuation FAQs | Probate Valuation Customer Comments | Probate Valuation FAQs | Probate Valuation Guarantee

Top 5 Reasons to write a will

Without a valid Will even your husband or wife may only inherit half of your estate

If you are not married to you partner, then he or she may get nothing in the event of your death

If you have children under the age of 18 a Will ensures that you can appoint guardians to care for them should you die

A valid Will means that you can leave your estate, and personal items to the people you want

House Clearance Southport advises that having a Will is the only way to ensure your wishes are known, and it removes any ambiguity and confusion. If written professionally it virtually guarantees that your estate will pass to the people you choose.

DIY Dangers

Don’t be tempted to write your own Will using either online systems or a stationers pack – just one simple mistake can make it invalid.

Inheritance Tax

Rising house prices, and increased assets have brought more and more people into the Inheritance Tax bracket. Inheritance Tax is paid at a rate of 40% on assets in excess of £325,000. The first £325,000 is called the “nil rate band”.
Did you know?

The government collects nearly £4 billion each year in Inheritance Tax

Transfers between husband and wife are exempt

Even giving your money or property away does not make it immediately exempt

Millions of people now fall into the Inheritance Tax trap
Probate can not be granted until the tax due is paid – which may mean borrowing or selling a property

What can you do to avoid Inheritance Tax

There are a number of strategies you can use to avoid Inheritance Tax. One of the simplest is the use of a Trust.

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