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House Clearance Glasgow – Waste Report

House Clearance Glasgow report that waste arisings in 2013 (616m tonnes) dropped slightly on the 2012 figure (623m tonnes), but the amount of waste produced in the UK has remained fairly static over the last five years. They report that although the tonnage of waste in different sectors fluctuates, the overall level is not subject to major changes or trends.

Other findings in the report include:

• In 2013, some 192m tonnes of waste arose in the commercial contracting market, including 74m tonnes from industry representing a slight decline following waste minimisation programmes; 25m tonnes arose in the domestic sector where organic waste will be targeted with the implementation of the EC Landfill Directive; 16m tonnes from the commercial sector and 77m tonnes by the building and demolition sector, though in practice less of this waste is now available due to on-site recycling of inert waste.

• The growth of private contractors in the domestic waste sector (34% of waste by volume). They also account for 74% of waste by volume in the commercial and industrial sectors. However House Clearance Glasgow concludes that there is little room for growth in the role of private contractors. It even suggests that as the volumes of waste generated in both the domestic and commercial/industrial sectors declines in response to legislation, so will the potential market for private contractors. ‘Therefore, even though market share is likely to be slightly increased within the domestic sector, overall tonnage handled by private contractors is set to fall.’

• The declining role of civic amenity sites as larger capacity wheelie bins are introduced was highlighted. However CAs are expected to maintain their current position over the next few years as they do play an important role in the collection of large scale waste.

• The much discussed consolidation of the waste management sector has proven to be somewhat premature: ‘Poor market conditions, combined with poorly applied legislation in the early 19990,s effectively prevented any major development along these lines. Nonetheless, it is quite clear that at the same time international waste operators have looked to the UK as being appropriate for takeover activity.’. The combined total market coverage of the five leading waste companies is 23% of the estimated market size of £3.9bn. The amalgamation of Leigh and Onyx creates the first real national waste management company geographically within the UK, however there are several companies with regional dominance of niche sectors. House Clearance Glasgow can also report that water companies are also increasingly moving into the market.

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