Hiring A Removal Firm

When deciding upon clearing the deceased’s house, you have to consider that the cheapest way to do so will be to do it yourself. However, this can take time and can be hard work. Moving is also not a cheap endeavor so make sure to set aside a budget for moving.

Shopping Around

It would be important to get the best price you can find when hiring a removal company. Make sure to shop around and get several quotes before you commit to the one you choose. Most professional firms won’t give you a quote until after they see all of your possessions. Have a few different companies come out and have a look at what it is you intend to clear.

Have a full inventory of all the things that need moving and also have a separate list for the items that you want to move yourself, these could be high-value items or especially fragile items. Once you have the inventory, only then will you receive a more accurate quote. Ensure that you have the quote in writing so that no more costs can be tacked on, if you decide to go with that firm.

Usually, the removal firms can come out to you house and give you a free estimate of the cost for moving your items. Prices can be expected to be higher during peak periods (e.g. bank holidays, weekends etc.). Check whether the quote includes VAT and insurance costs.

Any reputable firm should be an accredited member of the British Association of Removers (BAR). BAR is the trade association for the removals and storage industry. This makes sure that the firm is reliable and more importantly, that you will be protected by the BAR code of practice.

The costs

The amount that you will have to pay will depend on the amount of furniture, the amount of rooms that you have, the distance that you’re moving and any specific obstacles that may complicate the move (e.g. if the stairs are too narrow and furniture has to come through the window).

Extra services

Make your mind up about the types of services that you will require from the firm. For example, do you need them to pack and unpack the items for you, or do you just need them to move items that have already been packed? Keep in mind that items that you pack yourself are not going to be covered by their insurance.

Before the movers arrive

Ensure that you give them the exact directions to your house, a spare key if necessary and make sure that they have a mobile number to contact you on the day of the move.

Moving day

If all the packing was done by yourself, then make sure to provide them with the full inventory plan of all your goods and have a spare copy to keep for yourself so that you don’t forget which items have been packed in which boxes. Once your items arrive at the destination, check and make sure that all the boxes are there and nothing is broken or lost. If you find that something is missing or broken, get in touch with the firm as soon as possible so that you can claim the insurance on those items.

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