Does any company do a complete house clearance?

When you’re in the sad situation of seeing a relative being forced to move from their home of many years into residential care, you may well be left with the problem of what to do with years of accumulated possessions that have been left behind.

Even sadder, a relative may have died, leaving a much-loved home unoccupied.

And then of course there’s the tragic situation where a person with mental health problems has become a hoarder. Eventually, a stage has been reached where this becomes actually dangerous in terms of health and fire risk and a house clearance becomes essential.

But where can you find a company that you can trust? That there are some disreputable firms in the house clearance business is unfortunately undeniable. Some firms will clear your house and then fly-tip what they don’t want. In those circumstances, the law says that as the home-owner, you are responsible for the illegal dumping. When hiring a firm to do any kind of clearance, always make sure they have the requisite permits.

Other house clearance firms are not as honest as they could be. If they find some hidden cash, or recognise that an old painting or piece of furniture is valuable they won’t tell you. They’ll simply keep these ill-gotten gains for themselves.

And then there are the house clearance firms who don’t keep appointments or who start a job, but disappear with their fee before they’ve finished it.

But don’t despair – this is where Northern House Clearance comes in. We’ve been in the business for 20 years and we don’t believe there’s a company in the country with more experience and expertise than us.

When you make an arrangement with us, you can be absolutely sure we’ll arrive at the appointed time. Our staff are properly trained and you’ll find that they are courteous and keen to get on with the job. Wherever possible, we’ll aim to be finished in a single day.

We are also discreet. We know that many of our clients are distressed after a bereavement or a change of circumstances for an elderly relative. We will make the whole house clearance experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

If we come across something valuable – and we know how to recognise pieces that might have a value – you will be the first to know about it. And when it comes to disposing of the contents of a house, the last thing we want is to see reusable items tossed away. If it’s saleable, we’ll let you know. If it’s worth giving to charity, we can arrange that for you.

So, if you’re looking for a trustworthy house clearance firm that will do a thorough job, we’d like to suggest that you get in touch with us here at Northern House Clearance.

Finally, don’t just take our word about Northern House Clearance – read some of the customer feedback on our website.

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