House Clearance Clydebank

Most of the house clearance furniture had little secondhand value although there were still some years of life in it. These items we donated to a local women’s refuge in Clydebank, along with the white goods which were in working order. Other items went to a local charity shop and we were left with only a small amount that was sent to a recycling centre. Read more [...]

Renfrew’s History Bygone Day’s part nine

Renfrew Junior’s Football Club is still functioning and is still well supported by the die hards, but it would take another long run, similar to that of 1962 when, after a hard fought match against Kirkintilloch Rob Roy, resulting in a 1-1 draw in front of 63,000 (yes sixty three thousand supporters) they were finally beaten 1-0 in the replay of the Scottish Junior Cup final. It would take a return to that form to once again get the support that they deserve. Read more [...]

Renfrew’s History Bygone Day’s “part four″

Circumstances demanded that they use their imagination and initiative, if one boy had a toy gun then the poorer one made his own bow and arrow, and if a little girl could not have a nice doll she would then make her own, and when playing “cowboys and Indians” they had ample space to play, with hedges and grassed embankments to offer realism, the game often ending In an argument as to who had shot first and who was dead. Read more [...]

Renfrew’s History Bygone Day’s “part 1″

So I will begin with the view of Canal Street looking down Ferry Road. The Pudzeoch was far longer then and probably came as far as where the old Regal Cinema, now a Bingo Hall stands today, so part of the Pudzeoch was filled in leaving the more spacious part as the Clyde Navigation Trust Dock. But to complete that part of the picture we have to view the Washing Green!, where the burn flowed by and entered the Pudzeoch. Read more [...]

House Clearance Glasgow Recycling News Around The UK

House Clearance Glasgow can report that although recycling has risen slightly, the amount of waste generated in England and Wales has also increased. The latest figures for municipal waste have been released and show the following total waste arisings: 2011/12: 25.2m tonnes 2012/13: 26.0m tonnes 2013/14: 27.2m tonnes Household waste This accounts for over 90% of municipal waste and includes refuse, civic amenity site waste, and waste collected for recycling, composting and as special collections. Read more [...]

House Clearance Glasgow & Relocation

Prior to moving house in Glasgow, there are many things to take care of and unless you have some experience in the matter, it can be a frustrating ordeal. Any homeowner, whether they are single or have a family would find house relocation to be a tricky undertaking. One of the hardest parts is the actual preparation for the move / this includes check/lists, budget plans, phone calls and packing up. Read more [...]

Glasgow House Clearance – What Happens After House Clearance?

In order to have a better idea of the post house clearance period, it is worth defining what clearance actually is. The process of house clearance involves the removal of clutter and unwanted items from a home and other places like the attic, basement, garage and so on. House Clearance Glasgow also involves complete clean/up and disinfecting of the affected areas. This process is an important part of maintaining and keeping your house healthy. Big properties need house clearance every two years or so, small flats need frequent clearance as they can become cluttered quickly. Read more [...]

House Clearance Glasgow – Wood Recycling Overview

House clearance Glasgow reports that wood waste is ideally suited to re-use, recycling, composting and energy recovery. As a biodegradable waste, wood will also be affected by the EC Landfill directive, which restricts organic waste in landfill. In addition, companies are struggling to meet recycling and recovery targets for the recovery of wood packaging waste. So the question has to be “Why is any wood waste landfilled?” Yet we know that significant quantities of wood are still disposed of to landfill. Read more [...]
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