Sheffield House Clearance Photograph – Mini Cooper Facts

The following photographs were all acquired during house clearances in Sheffield & unwanted by the families or owners of the properties cleared.

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Mini Cooper Facts

  • The most famous movie featuring the Mini Cooper is The Italian Job.
  • All four members of The Beatles owned Mini Cooper vehicles.
  • The Mini was created in response to fuel shortages.
  • The Classic Mini was one of the most popular cars every produced and a total of about 5,387,862 were built.
  • An original Mini could be bought for around £750 in today’s money.
  • On introduction in August 1959 the Mini was marketed under the Austin and Morris names, as the Austin Seven and Morris Mini-Minor.
  • Named for one of the top names in rally racing—John Cooper—the Mini Corporation still competes in motorsport events.
  • Issigonis’s first design sketch for the Mini was drawn on a napkin in Switzerland.
  • How many people can you fit in a Mini? The record is 66, apparently.
  • The base Mini Cooper measures 145.6 inches in length with a 97.1-inch wheelbase.
  • The Mini Cooper is about the size of a blue whale’s heart.
  • Mini Cooper S became a true legend in the Rally held in Monte Carlo. The crews on that car became winners in 1964, 1965 and 1967. In 1966.
  • Stirling Moss was once banned from driving for a year after being caught speeding in a Mini.

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