House Clearance News – Why Choose Solar Water Heating for Your Home?

Why Choose Solar Water Heating for Your Home?

The main advantage of using solar power water heating for your home is the benefit to the environment and the cost. Although only around 1% of all homes in the United States and an even smaller percentage in the UK use solar power as their main water heating source, these people are helping the environment by reducing pollutants that emanate from more traditional energy systems.

For an average family of four, about 30% of their energy expenses are for heating water. Whether heated by gas or electricity, the heating of water for use in the household is expensive. Prices of gas and electricity are still continuing to rise and solar power may be a cheaper alternative.

With only a little initial investment, a family of four can cut their energy expenses by about 25% by using solar heated hot water, only using traditionally heated water during periods when their solar system can not keep up with demand. In many areas where there is a lot of sunshine and mild weather, a solar water heating system can produce all the hot water a family needs.

While it is more expensive to install a solar water heating than just fitting an electric or gas boiler, the cost of installing a solar heated water system will usually pay for itself in four to seven years. When you take into consideration the fact that fuel costs and bills will rise and you won’t have to pay for them, you can see how it makes sense to have solar hot water installed.

If you are having a new home built, why not ask for solar heating to be installed as part of the specification? That way you can cover the cost of the installation by having it included in the mortgage repayments. In some countries grants are also available to help with the costs to homeowners who are installing alternative power sources for heating, so be sure to check this out too.

Another benefit of having solar water heating in your home is the fact that in coming years more people will be aware of the need to cut energy costs and to protect the environment, so a home with solar power will have added equity or value if you later want to sell your home.

As you can see there are benefits of installing solar power water heating in your home, and while it may take time to reap all these benefits it is a good long term investment, both for the future of your family and the environment.

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