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House Clearance Gateshead Recycling Costs

Last month House Clearance Gateshead launched a petition aimed at the rising costs of tipping fees for house clearance waste which is usually fully saleable to the secondary reuse market. The form essentially asked house clearance companies in Gateshead whether their profits had been hit by the increase in waste transfer costs (which now account for 40% of house clearance exspenses). This is an issue which has been facing many house clearance companies as the proportion of recyclable waste has risen in the last couple of years. The relatively high value of house clearance waste has supported many recycling projects across the country. As the amount of recyclable waste increases so their revenue falls due to the ongoing price hikes via the waste transfer stations.

So you can see why house clearance Gateshead is trying to quantify industry opinions. However, the British Recycling Association is less than pleased with the current situation. Andrew Goodwin, commented, “It is really disappointing that the secondary waste market should take this approach when the two industries are being encouraged to work together under shared responsibility to help meet the UK’s recycling targets.”

To be fair, both parties have a valid point. House Clearance recycling has proven to be a publicity friendly form of recycling, which has benefited many waste transfer stations and achieved reasonable recycling rates.

Used furniture recycling is less attractive to smaller schemes due to the lower intrinsic value, but worthwhile recycling rates have been achieved thanks to the ease of separation techniques. It could be argued that all materials have their advantages and disadvantages for recycling, the type of waste is perhaps less important than the stability of the supply.

Competition between house clearance companies and waste transfer station skip hire is healthy as far as the associations are concerned. However, the changing material use is damaging to house clearance operators in Gateshead. Loathe as I am to support even more restrictions, perhaps it is time the waste transfer stations considered the house clearance operators point of view before changing the rules on what can and what can not be tipped. If they ruin the existing infrastructure with hasty decisions made to save a few pounds now, they could face much higher future costs if some of the house clearance companies started selling their reusable waste directley to larger EU recyclers. Refillable quotas, deposit schemes, material levies and, in some cases, bans would be far more expensive in the long run.

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