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General Edinburgh House Clearance Article / Dos and Don’ts

Most people like to have a house that is well maintained and that looks good. One way to maintain the house is regular cleaning. However, there is another important task that many people should consider, and it’s called house clearing. House clearance in Edinburgh can be quite a considerable task / especially if you live in a big house in Edinburgh with a garage and an attic.

What exactly is Edinburgh house clearance and how does one go about it?

Simply, house clearance is the process of removing any unwanted items, clutter, and useless belongings. This also involves cleaning up and disinfecting the vacated area. There are also tasks such as recycling, donating or selling unwanted items. It is recommended to do house clearance once every 2/3 years or whenever you feel short on space in your home.

As with any maintenance task, there are certain dos and don’ts to keep in mind. The following tips are especially useful if you are considering doing house clearing in Edinburgh yourself, without hiring professionals.

Some things to consider when doing DIY house clearance:

Do: Research what’s involved in certain house clearance tasks. If you are planning to strip upholstery or move old sports equipment, it’s worth knowing how to clean rust, mold, dust and any other issues that may arise from dealing with such items.

Do: Prepare ahead. Choose a day or two when it would be most convenient to carry out the Edinburgh house clearance and make sure that you have someone to help you with it. House clearance in Edinburgh is not a task for just one person, especially if you are not hiring professional help. Make preparations for storage if you anticipate that you will need to store some of your belongings, check with local storage facilities in your area for pricing, opening hours etc.

Do: Delegate tasks. Make sure that all members of your family know their task and not get in each other’s way. This will help you speed up the process and reduce stress.

Do: Arrange recycling. Get to know where your local recycling point is, if you can’t get there, then call a recycling company to pick it up for you.

Do: Let go. When carrying out a Edinburgh house clearance, you should be realistic about which items to keep and which items to dispose of. The goal is to get rid of as much clutter as possible and make your home cleaner and more spacious. Sell items that are still in good condition but are of no use to you. Any broken, soiled or unsalvageable items should go.

Don’t: Panic. The process of clearing takes time if done properly / don’t feel stressed if it takes more than a day. Getting your house clean and looking good requires time and effort.

Don’t: Forget your house clearance equipment. Having the right equipment is key to making your house clearance as efficient and effective as possible. Make a shopping list of detergents, soaps, rust/mold/mildew removers, plastic bin liners, gloves and hire a dolly or two if necessary.

Genuine Edinburgh Customer Comments

speech2 I needed a house clearance service in Edinburgh but had to travel from Fife, it was important to me that the house clearance was done on time and that it would be done properly, leaving the house clean and tidy for the new owner. I am pleased to say 1st Call Northern House Clearance Edinburgh team arrived promptly and did a very good job. Many thanks…. speech1 James In Fife

speech2 Your Edinburgh house clearance company delivered everything the web site promised. The service was efficient and nothing was too much trouble. House clearance and clean was undertaken within 48 hours notice and to a very high standard. Would recommend to others and also use your services again….speech1 Malcom In Edinburgh

speech2 I would like to thank Northern House Clearance Edinburgh staff for the extremely efficient and considerate manner in which you recently cleared my elderly parents bungalow in Edinburgh. As I live in Berwick I will be recommending your company to friends, but please feel free to use this letter as recommendation if you wish…. speech1 Amanda In Berwick Upon Tweed

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