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Northern House Clearance undertake house clearance in all areas of Blackburn – Audley Bastwell Beardwood with Lammack Corporation Park Earcroft East Rural Ewood Fernhurst Higher Croft Little Harwood Livesey with Pleasington Marsh House Meadowhead Mill Hill Sunnyhurst Wensley Fold Whitebirk Shear Brow Sudell Whitehall.

We offer a professional service & our company is fully licensed & Insured. Before you call us please take a minute to read our house clearance FAQs. Our customers kindly wrote in with the following house clearance recommendations.

On many occasions during the house clearance & winding up of an estate process it becomes apparent that the customer also requires the services of a local builder to help with minor maintenance issues before the property is put up for sale or to let or maybe they require the use of a removal company to transport items back home that they wish to keep from the estate, in any case we have put the following list of services together which we know through experience may help when dealing with both the death of a loved one & the estate.

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House Clearance Blackburn – Services & Company Information:

B&B’s and Guest Houses in Blackburn
Cleaning Companies in Blackburn
Electricians in Blackburn
Builders in Blackburn
Joiners in Blackburn
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners in Blackburn
Removal Companies in Blackburn
Storage Companies in Blackburn
Gardeners in Blackburn
Nursing Homes in Blackburn
Surveyors in Blackburn
Funeral Directors in Blackburn

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B&B’s and Guest Houses in Blackburn

Blakewater Hotel B&B
1 Bridge St, Blackburn, BB2 2BX

Myre Edge Farm B&B
Showley Rd, Blackburn, BB1 9DR

Rose Cottage B&B
Longsight Rd, Blackburn, BB1 9EX

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Cleaning Companies in Blackburn

Pure Star Cleaning
47 Preston New Rd, Blackburn, BB2 6AE

Capa Clean
10f Stonyhurst Rd, Blackburn, BB2 1NQ

Cleany Clean
63 Belle Vue St, Blackburn, BB2 1HU

Cleaning Master Services
Earl St, Blackburn, BB1 7ND

Spick Span Spotless Cleaning
5 Cranborne Terrace, Blackburn, BB2 6EZ

Pristine Clean UK
Business Development Centre, Blackburn, BB1 5BL

Breeze Green Clean
21 Billinge St, Blackburn, BB1 1LE

Residential Property Cleaning
53 Park Lee Rd, Blackburn, BB2 3NZ

Lancashire Cleaning Services
20 Harrier Drive, Blackburn, BB1 8LW

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Electricians in Blackburn

Blackburn Electrical
1 Cobden Court, Blackburn, BB1 7JG

George Walsh & Co
7 Mill Lane, Blackburn, BB2 2AU

24 Hour Electrical
42 Limbrick, Blackburn, BB1 8AB

Apex Electrical
1a Bold St, Blackburn, BB1 7EL

MJ Electrical Services
66 Whittaker St, Blackburn, BB2 1HG

Ecoswitch Electrical
114 Langham Rd, Blackburn, BB1 8DP

SL Electrical
31 Abraham St, Blackburn, BB2 3SQ

W&P Electrical
29 Notre Dame Gardens, Blackburn, BB1 5EF

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Builders in Blackburn

General Builders in Blackburn
18 Strawberry Bank, Blackburn, BB2 6AA

James McFadyen
4 Clarence St, Blackburn, BB1 8AN

Concept Building
1 Canterbury St, Blackburn, BB2 2HT

F Fletcher & Sons
Shear Bank Rd, Blackburn, BB1 8AP

Cookson Builders
Harrison St, Blackburn, BB2 2JE

EJ Moulding & Son
38-40 Bombay St, Blackburn, BB2 2NU

Andrew Whelan
6 Windermere Close, Blackburn, BB1 5LR

MHB Builders
12 Ambleside Close, Blackburn, BB1 5HF

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Joiners in Blackburn

Herbert Parry
Weir St, Blackburn, BB2 2AN

Hatch Joinery
14 Witton Parade, Blackburn, BB2 2PP

SD Joinery
3 Warwick Close, Blackburn, BB2 3SY

Ellison & Groom
Parkinson St, Blackburn, BB2 4ET

J&M Home Repairs
115 Lambeth St, Blackburn, BB1 1SG

Precision Joinery
Glenfield Park, Blackburn, BB1 5QG

Ian Foster & Co
Whalley New Rd, Blackburn, BB1 9SU

A&G Joinery Services
329a Preston Old Rd, Blackburn, BB2 5LJ

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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners in Blackburn

Perfect Clean Solution
149 Addison St, Blackburn, BB2 1HN

Dixon St, Blackburn, BB2 1TX

Carpet Cleaning Blackburn
3 Agnes St, Blackburn, BB2 2NR

DM Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
84 Langham Rd, Blackburn, BB1 8DP

Excel Carpet Cleaners
298 Harwood Gate, Blackburn, BB1 5HP

Deep Impact
18 Sark Gardens, Blackburn, BB2 3EQ

Jay’s Carpet Cleaning
23 Didsbury St, Blackburn, BB1 3JL

Extreme Cleaning NW
Preston Old Rd, Blackburn, BB2 5LJ

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Removal Companies in Blackburn

Same Day UK Removals
148 Downham St, Blackburn, BB2 6NY

A1 Moves
13 Winston Rd, Blackburn, BB1 8BJ

Jim’s Removals
88 Stanfield St, Blackburn, BB2 2NG

Happy Days Removals
10 Bankside, Blackburn, BB2 3TB

UK Removals
27 Trevor Close, Blackburn, BB1 8HL

Ormandy House Removals
10 Dyson St, Blackburn, BB2 3RZ

Clitheroe Removals
29 Buncer Lane, Blackburn, BB2 6SE

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Storage Companies in Blackburn

Safe Depot
George St West, Blackburn, BB2 1PQ

Bar Supermarket Storage
Queen Victoria St, Blackburn, BB2 2QG

Primrose Self Storage
Slater St, Blackburn, BB2 4LY

Box to Move
8 Arnold Close, Blackburn, BB2 3AJ

BSS Storage
Shadsworth Rd, Blackburn, BB1 2HP

Store First
Davyfield Rd, Blackburn, BB1 2QY

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Gardeners in Blackburn

All Seasons
Preston New Rd, Blackburn, BB2 6BN

Cragmile & Sons
9 Oxford Close, Blackburn, BB1 1DL

Gods Gardeners
41 Wellfield Rd, Blackburn, BB2 6HE

Enviro Weed
12 Chester St, Blackburn, BB1 1BQ

Lush Haven Garden
109 Pleasington Close, Blackburn, BB2 1TU

Grafters Garden Services
33 Montreal Rd, Blackburn, BB22 7BY

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Nursing Homes in Blackburn

Northwood Nursing
206 Preston New Rd, Blackburn, BB2 6PN

Higher Bank Residential
Off Adelaide Terrace, Blackburn, BB2 6EU

Magdalene House
Shear Bank Rd, Blackburn, BB1 8AP

Whitecliffe Nursing Home
14 East Park Rd, Blackburn, BB1 8AT

Springfield Nursing Home
Preston New Rd, Blackburn, BB2 6PS

Hollymount Nursing Home
3 West Park Rd, Blackburn, BB2 6DE

Queens Lodge Nursing Home
Haslingden Rd, Blackburn, BB2 3HQ

Haydock Nursing Home
Pleckgate Rd, Blackburn, BB1 8QW

Higher Ravenswing
241 Revidge Rd, Blackburn, BB2 6DT

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Surveyors in Blackburn

Glyn Shipman Associates
7 Preston New Rd, Blackburn, BB2 1AR

Mortimers Surveyors
68 King William St, Blackburn, BB1 7AG

Trevor Dawson
18 Richmond Terrace, Blackburn, BB1 7BL

1 Wellington St, Blackburn, BB1 8AF

ACS Partnership
16 Whalley Banks, Blackburn, BB2 1NU

Donald Lomax
East Park Rd, Blackburn, BB1 8AT

Aldrock Surveyors
Business Development Centre, Blackburn, BB1 5BL

Lea Hough & Co
Blackwater House, Blackburn, BB1 5RW

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Funeral Directors in Blackburn

The Co-operative Funeralcare
10-14 Mincing Lane, Blackburn, BB2 2EB

St. Peter St Funeral Services
17 St. Peter St, Blackburn, BB2 2HH

Scales Funeral Services
134 Darwen St, Blackburn, BB2 2AJ

Waring McKenna Funerals
45 Grimshaw Park, Blackburn, BB2 3AG

Willaim Alty & Sons
Broomfield Place, Blackburn, BB2 1XF

Blackburn Funeral Services
9 New Wellington St, Blackburn, BB2 4DY

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