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House Clearance In Musselburgh Case Example: Client instructions

In this case a client contacted us and asked us clear a five-bedroomed detached house in a well-to-do residential area of Musselburgh. Although relatively young, the client had recently retired after a very successful career in banking and had decided to move to the Dordogne with his family.

He told us that some of the contents were to go into storage, including some paintings and antique furniture, where it would stay until he was ready to ship it to France. Those house contents had been labelled and everything else in the house was to be cleared. If any of the items for house clearance had a value in our opinion, he wanted us to sell them, while the remainder was to be disposed of as we saw fit.

Musselburgh House Clearance Report

This was a large house so we assigned six men and three vans to the job so that we could be sure to finish it in a single day. As usual, we got an early start and we commenced by removing all the items that had been marked to go to storage. The furniture and the paintings were obviously valuable so we packed them carefully before loading them into the van to be delivered to a secure storage unit in Musselburgh.

While one team delivered the valuable items, the others worked their way through the house, removing the smaller items first and the larger pieces of furniture after that. As we went, we sorted out some good quality furniture which could be sold from inferior pieces which although serviceable were not worth selling. Unfortunately, much modern furniture from high street shops has little resale value, even although it might be quite expensive to buy.

We’d finished the house clearance by 4 pm and then two of the men went back around the house and gave the place a thorough clean which took another couple of hours.

House Contents Disposal

The really valuable items went to storage, but that still left some good quality furniture which we sold through our own retail unit, with the proceeds being offset against the client’s final bill. The remaining furniture with no real secondhand value went to two local charities in the Musselburgh which were very pleased to have it.

Musselburgh Customer Feedback

The client pronounced himself highly satisfied with our hard work, and especially the care we’d taken in packing and transporting the valuable items to storage.

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