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Wealth Management

Wealth Management is a service offered by all Private Banks, and often the terms ‘Private Banking’ and ‘Wealth Management’ can be used interchangeably. This service is provided through a number of avenues, including managed investments, independent financial advice and the use of trusts.

Investment Management

Most private banks will undertake the management of existing investments for their customers. This service involves looking after monies already invested, either in other companies, the stock market, debentures, treasury bills or any other form of financial instrument.

The aim of the managed investment service is to ensure that the maximum return is made from the funds invested.

Financial Advice

Private Banks are financial professionals, and as such generally offer these services to their customers, either free of charge or as a professional service.

Foreign Exchange

House clearance Bebington would like to remind you that If you have a lot of dealings with companies or individuals in currencies other than your home country’s currency, or spend a great deal of your time outside your home country, then you may need to have a lot of dealings with foreign exchange. A lot of private banks offer a specialised foreign exchange service to maximise the value of the funds being transferred from one currency to another, and to minimise the charges and taxes associated with financial transactions in foreign currencies.

Offshore Banking

Private Banks often deal with large deposits for their customers, and one common way to maximise the return on these funds is to invest them or deposit them in accounts held in offshore banks, or in countries where the tax laws are less restrictive.

Q Can anyone have a Private Bank Account?

A If you have a high net worth, or a lot of money in the bank, then a Private Bank may accept you as a client.

Q How Much Money Do I Have to Have for a Private Bank Account?

A This varies from bank to bank, however you typically need to have more than £250,000 in net worth to be considered for a private bank account.



The APR or Annual Percentage Rate is the interest rate you pay for your loan. This figure takes into account not only the interest payable over the term of the loan but also any other related charges or fees. As such it is the best way to compare the cost of borrowing from one lender to another.

Application Fee

Some banks will charge an application fee if you apply for a loan. Paying this fee does not guarantee you will be approved for the loan and you will still have to pay this fee even if your application is rejected.


An asset is any property with a cash value, such as real estate, equipment, savings, and investments.


Your balance is the amount of money you have left in your bank account after all deposits, withdrawals, interest and bank charges have been taken into account.

Bad Credit

Bad Credit is a credit rating term. If you’ve defaulted on a loan or missed a credit card payment then financial companies may label you as a bad credit risk. This can make it more difficult to arrange loans or other finance, and usually means you will pay more interest on any loan you take out.

Cash Advance

A Cash Advance is an instant loan obtained from a credit card account. Credit card issuers usually charge interest from the date the advance was made until it is repaid, and some may also charge a transaction fee based on the amount of the advance.


A written order to transfer money from a bank account as a form of payment that can be used in place of cash.

County Court Judgement

A County Court Judgement (CCJ) is the term for a judgement made against a person or company for and unpaid debt in the county court. Generally if a CCJ is paid in full within 30 days of the date of the judgement it won’t appear in the credit register and so won’t affect your credit rating. CCJ’s are a matter of public record, and are catalogued and held for 6 years with the Registry Trust. If a judgement is settled after the 30 day period it will be entered into public record and will affect your credit rating.

Credit Check

A credit check is a check made by a lender or other financial company when you make an application for a loan. The result of a credit check will affect the decision of the lender. For example, if the credit check shows that you are a bad risk then any loan you are offered will probably involve a smaller amount and a higher interest rate.

Credit History

Your Credit History is a record of how you have paid your debts. A credit report discloses your credit history.

Credit Rating

Your Credit Rating is a formal evaluation of your ability to pay interest and repay principal on borrowed money, as published by a credit rating agency or service.


A debenture is a common kind of corporate bond, often issued by a firm during restructuring. Debentures are backed only by the good name of the company. Since there is no security associated with a debenture, they may carry a higher risk and therefore a higher rate of return when compared to a secured bond.

Debit Card

A card that allows you to pay for purchases with funds that are immediately deducted from your current account.


A legal obligation that is either written or oral where you agree to deliver a product, service, or cash to another person or company.


The money you put into a bank account.

Electronic Banking

Most banks and building societies now allow their customers to access their bank account details electronically, using a computer, interactive television, or even their mobile telephone. Electronic banking services now also encompass almost the full range of services available from a bank, including setting up payments, applying for loans and mortgages.

Financial Statement

A financial statement is a written record provided by the bank which records your financial circumstances and transactions. The financial statement generally includes a record of the money entering your account, the money paid out and your current balance.

Fixed Rate Loan

A fixed rate loan is a loan with a set rate of interest that either does not vary for the entire life of the loan or is set or ‘fixed’ for a specified period (months or years).


Your income is the total amount of money you receive from all sources, including wages, commissions, bonuses, government or retirement benefits, compensation claims interest and dividends on all investments.


An overdraft is an agreed amount by which your bank account can be overdrawn. Generally you will be charged a set fee for the provision of an overdraft facility. This fee is often calculated as a fairly high percentage of the total value of the overdraft.

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