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House Clearance Dunfermline – Fife Area

House Clearance Dunfermline - Fife

House Clearance Dunfermline Overview

A firm of estate agents instructed House Clearance Dunfermline to clear a large town house in Dunfermline city centre. Their client was a wealthy businessman from Dubai, who wanted the house cleared and all the furniture put into storage as he had decided to sell the property. Laid out over four storeys, the house was a grand town house from the late Victorian period and retained many original features. The furnishings included valuable antiques and the interiors were in good condition. As the property was in the city centre, we decided to do the house clearance on a Sunday when traffic would be at a minimum.

House Clearance Requirements

The estate agent instructed us to completely clear the house of furnishings and to deliver the antique items to a secure storage facility that they had already booked on the outskirts of Dunfermline, about a five-mile drive from the town house. The owner’s staff had already cleared personal effects from the house, but we were instructed to look out for anything they might have missed.

Disposal of Furniture, Junk & Contents

Since the furnishings included valuable antiques, we were required to carefully wrap those and to transport them in a safe way. Damage to any of the valuable pieces would be a disaster. Fortunately, we can call on staff that have experience of transporting valuable artworks and antiques, so we were able to complete the house clearance without any damage at all. The house had a full set of white goods in working order, but the owner was not interested in their second-hand value. With his approval, we donated them to a local charity shop in the Dunfermline area.

Client Recommendation

The home owner was away in Dubai when House Clearance Dunfermline staff completed the job, but the estate agent representative was extremely impressed by our speedy house clearance and the great care we took with valuable items. The owner was delighted because we found a folder in a chest of drawers containing personal correspondence. We were able to get these letters, which apparently had great sentimental value, back to the owner via the estate agent.

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