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An informal meeting was held in Dundee on 3rd September organised by Dundee House Clearance companies, the purpose of which was ‘to open a dialogue on the application and interpretation of the Special Waste Regulations.’ At last, you might think, some response to House Clearance industry concerns! The main drawback, unfortunately, was that the invitations to this meetings were faxed through only the day before, and in some cases were received the evening before. Alan Johnson, from the Scotland house clearance network contacted us positively seething at the short notice. As he told us: ‘I regret to say that I do not have a helicopter in my back garden for such emergencies.’

Yet, it is not all bad news. Those who were able to make it to the meeting, have given some positive feedback. Jonathon Hilder, the Head of Waste & Recycling association in Scotland is the person responsible for enforcing the new rules on special waste. She called the meeting to explain ‘the thinking which has gone on within the association, and the products which have emerged from this thinking in terms of policies and practical applications of the Regulations, and to explain the mechanisms which we have put in place to ensure that we are offering advice which is as consistent as possible across the country.’

David Graham, Chief Executive of Northern House Clearance who also operate from Dundee, attended and was impressed by Jonathon Hilder. According to David, he did actually achieve some of his aims in calling the meeting; if nothing else, it was refreshing to have a new mind looking at the current house clearance recycling issue. He also admitted to being impressed with his approach and hopes it will lead to a realistic attitude to the difficulties that everyone in the house clearance industry faces. I’ll leave the last word to Mr Graham, as it sums the whole position up: ‘It does appear at last that the authorities have realised that recycling is a fragile industry having to compete, as it does, with cowboy fly by night companies. Any damage to the recycling & house clearance industry will ultimately result in damage to the UK economy, environment and employment prospects.’

Northern House Clearance Dundee Clova Dundee Edzell Brechin Montrose Glamis Kirriemuir Forfar Arbroath Carnoustie

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