House Clearance Bury – Recycling Plans

We undertake house clearance in all areas of Bury: Moorside Redvales Elton Church Prestwich St. Mary’s Sedgley Holyrood Radcliffe Ramsbottom Tottington North Manor Whitefield Unsworth Pilkington Park Besses Unsworth.

How Does Northern House Clearance Services Work?

  • The first step is to CALL US ON 07966 311 536 for prices/quote.
  • We will ask you a few simple questions in order to understand your situation.
  • We usually just require 24 hours notice. We like to turn up at 9am on the day of our appointment and stay until the house clearance is complete.
  • Once we have removed all of the furniture, junk & rubbish from the house we will issue you with an invoice for your records.
  • We ALWAYS keep household items to one side which we know can be either re-used or House Clearance donated free to charity. Our house clearance charges are fair & House Clearance Costs – we do NOT add 20% VAT on the final price.

A Full List Of Our Bury House Clearing Services

House clearances can be potentially stressful & troublesome if you use cowboy companies – Please look at our many House Clearance Recommendations

House Clearance Bury – Recycling Plans

House Clearance Bury are keen to capture the interest of local authority recycling officers attending the European Recycling Conference.

House Clearance Bury is launching an information pack that contains ‘Facts about Waste’ and the Positive and Negative Route to Recycling.’ Allan Davis said: ‘The information booklet is a new avenue for House Clearance Bury and, I believe, the industry. I feel that House Clearance Bury not only has a duty to the environment but also the public in the UK – we have therefore put together a fact based document .’ Alan Davis continues: ‘We work with national charities & community projects. House Clearance Burys goal is to increase the amount of material collected by 12% within the next five years.’

This forward thinking company is keen to dispel the image of textile recycling as the ‘poor relation’ to more ‘glamorous’ recycling industries such as paper, glass and aluminium. ‘Textiles have after all been recycled for over 100 years yet the nation as a whole is progressively recycling less even though the demand has been increasing steadily.’ As the average household dustbin contains 10% unwanted household textiles, clothes and shoes, over 500 million kgs of re-usable items will be burned or buried in landfill sites this year. Yet the textiles recycling industry is having to pay more and more for a material that, in theory, should have little or no value. House Clearance Bury are keen to emphasise that as much as 95% of textiles collected can be re-used. The materials are sorted by skilled workers into four main categories: good quality clothing for use in developing countries, graded industrial wiping cloths, filling material for bedding and upholstery and pulling fabrics suitable for manufacturing into yarns and threads.

House Clearance Bury is based in Greater Manchester and forms part of the Northern House Clearance Group, one of the largest house clearance companies in the country. Textile Recycling processes around 5 tonnes of material per week – sourced from charity shops, rag banks and kerbside collections. 80% of the material collected is sold to countries in East and West Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe with the balance remaining in the UK.

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