Finding antique treasure among junk

Collectors of antiques know that finding treasure amongst junk is possible, there are some in the antiques business that have turned their business into a great success by relying on this fact as if you know what to look for then you can make huge profits by weeding out the treasure from amidst the junk.

Of course it take experience mainly to be able to determine what is junk and what is actually antique, some people have a natural aptitude for doing this but then others have to acquire this skill by learning and some by learning the hard way. When it comes to finding treasure amongst junk then of course the best places to look are the church fetes, jumble sales, bric a brac and flea markets.

These are the places where people clear their attics and gather together their belongings long forgotten and try to earn a little money by relying on other people wanting what they are classing as junk. While it is true then the majority of items that are sold this way are classed as junk you can pick up some great bargains.

It has been known for something of extreme value to appear at jumble sales and those who are in the know when it comes to antiques can quickly swoop in and get themselves a real bargain with which they are able to make a huge profit on re-selling. Some poor unfortunate people have no idea that the old dining chairs of Aunt Bessie’s come from the 18th century and beneath the dirt and grime there lies something which is worth thousands to a collector.

Of course your morals will come into play if you are an antiques expert and know the true value of such items and refrain from telling the seller a little about what they actually selling, but then again in business should there be such a thing as morals?

Knowing the difference of course is the key factor to securing antiques of extreme value this way and while it can be profitable it can also work the other way for the inexperienced collector and the table can be turned on them.

If you have very little knowledge of what to look for in antiques then a seller can dupe you into believing that they know little about what they are selling and have you believe that you are the expert and the piece is of value when in fact it is nothing but a reproduction or fake. So while you can find treasure amongst junk also bear in mind that what seems to be treasure might just turn out to be nothing more than junk which you are stuck with, unless of course your scruples are that low that you too can pass it on.

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