Collecting Antique Books

When thinking about antiques many overlook books, especially in the digital age when some books are not even read on paper anymore. However, for many there is nothing like the smell, look and feel of an antique book. They can also be extremely valuable, good condition first edition of Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz can sell for around £6,000, while Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species has been known to fetch as much as £9,000. Whether you are looking to turn a profit on the books or just have an amazing personal library, a few tips can ensure you get the most out of your antique book purchases.


Always make sure any book you buy is in good condition. Unfortunately, many old books are incomplete and have missing pages. This lessens both their value and any reader’s possible enjoyment of the book. Another thing to look for is torn or dog eared pages, which also detrimentally affects both the value and enjoyment derived from the book. There is one exception to this rule for those looking to earn a profit: No matter the condition, extremely rare or sought after volumes will still be valuable. Also, if you manage to find a book with its original dust jacket, this often increases the price.

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