Antique Tables

You won’t deal in just one item of furniture because everyone wants different things and it’s easy for the general consumer to buy everything they need from a single business.

Tables are one of the most varied pieces of furniture, there come in a variety of shapes and sizes (avoid any with uneven tops – they need to be practical). Different people will have various needs and consequently different types of tables:

Corner tables – often ornate and easy to store.

Refectory tables – for larger houses and kitchens. These are long, heavy-looking tables which take up a lot of space, so avoid if you have nowhere to store them.

Dining tables – look for ones with extra sections (or ‘leaves’) for easy expansion without taking up too much space when not needed.

Nests of tables and occasional tables – small but practical, these are great sellers.

Side tables – can also double up as computer tables.

Card tables – include various gambling-related tables (e.g. poker, blackjack etc.), good examples – i.e. good quality, either simple or ornate and in good condition can be very popular and can fetch high prices (a good Georgian version can fetch £1500+)

Bedside tables and cabinets – ideal for storing books and china.

Avoid any that wobble too much and insert some card under any with slight wobble. Make sure to invest in some good ‘antique furniture’ polish and if you are planning to transport any furniture – wrap generously in blankets and thick cloths to avoid scratches or bumps.

If you want to sell the tables – it is important to properly display them. If you can invest in some tea or dinner services to lay out on the table to show potential buyers how attractive the pieces can be for entertaining family or guests.

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