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Northern House Clearance undertake house clearance in all areas of Wallasey – Leasowe Moreton East Liscard Moreton West Saughall Massie New Brighton Seacombe Wallasey..

We offer a professional service & our company is fully licensed & Insured. Before you call us please take a minute to read our house clearance FAQs. Our customers kindly wrote in with the following house clearance recommendations.

On many occasions during the house clearance & winding up of an estate process it becomes apparent that the customer also requires the services of a local builder to help with minor maintenance issues before the property is put up for sale or to let or maybe they require the use of a removal company to transport items back home that they wish to keep from the estate, in any case we have put the following list of services together which we know through experience may help when dealing with both the death of a loved one & the estate.

House Clearance Wallasey – Services & Company Information:

B&B’s and Guest Houses in Wallasey
Cleaning Companies in Wallasey
Electricians in Wallasey
Builders in Wallasey
Joiners in Wallasey
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners in Wallasey
Removal Companies in Wallasey
Storage Companies in Wallasey
Gardeners in Wallasey
Nursing Homes in Wallasey
Surveyors in Wallasey
Funeral Directors in Wallasey

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B&B’s and Guest Houses in Wallasey

Sherwood Guest House
55 Wellington Rd, Wallasey, CH45 2ND

Dean Lodge Guest House
8 Dean Avenue, Wallasey, CH45 3HT

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Cleaning Companies in Wallasey

Davenport’s Cleaning Services
73 Mockbeggar Drive, Wallasey, CH45 3NN

Dust Fairies
24 Stonehouse Rd, Wallasey, CH44 2DJ

Wirral High Shine
61 Greenleas Rd, Wallasey, CH45 8LR

Joel Lancaster Window Cleaning
23 Wallasey Village, Wallasey, CH44 2DG

An Extra Pair of Hands
209 Mosslands Drive, Wallasey, CH44 2EQ

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Electricians in Wallasey

Bretland Electrical Service
142 St. Georges Rd, Wallasey, CH45 3NQ

Village Electrical Services
6 Mere Lane, Wallasey, CH45 3HY

Complete Electrical Services
30 Taunton Rd, Wallasey, CH45 3JN

CF Electrics
12 Moreton Grove, Wallasey, CH45 3LD

Jordan & Platt
17 Burton Avenue, Wallasey, CH45 8QH

DM Electrical
38 Prospect Vale, Wallasey, CH45 6TQ

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Builders in Wallasey

AW Building Solutions
259 Wallasey Village, Wallasey, CH45 3LR

GRH Developments
21 Regent Rd, Wallasey, CH45 8JT

Straight Line
45 Leasowe Rd, Wallasey, CH45 8NY

Bennett Builders Ltd
14 Smugglers Way, Wallasey, CH45 3QQ

DBS Building & Plumbing
16 Folly Lane, Wallasey, CH44 2DE

Parr Property Services
39 Stoneby Drive, Wallasey, CH45 0LG

Village Building Contractors
33 Glen Park Rd, Wallasey, CH45 5JL

Westbourne Builders
2 Newland Drive, Wallasey, CH44 2AX

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Joiners in Wallasey

Henry James Black Joinery
3 Vyner Rd, Wallasey, CH45 6TE

John The Joiner
6 Broxton Rd, Wallasey, CH45 4QF

PT Mitchell
10 Elleray Park Rd, Wallasey, CH45 0LH

Jason Paul Jones Carpentry & Joinery
42 Earlston Rd, Wallasey, CH45 5DY

David Sanders Carpentry & Joinery
20 Monmouth Rd, Wallasey, CH44 3ED

SIMM Joinery
3 Hylton Avenue, Wallasey, CH44 5XA

PT Mitchell & Sons
57 Scott St, Wallasey, CH45 7LW

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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners in Wallasey

Deep Clean
21 Lynton Rd, Wallasey, CH45 3JW

Carpet Cleaning Wallasey
39 Taunton Road, Wallasey, CH45 3JL

Cleaners Wallasey
25 Sandy Lane, Wallasey, CH45 3JY

Graham Walker Carpet Cleaners
24 Beaufort Drive, Wallasey, CH44 2DT

Mark 1 Leather Care
48 Charlotte Rd, Wallasey, CH44 0DW

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Removal Companies in Wallasey

Rocket Van & Man
10 Gerard Rd, Wallasey, CH45 6UH

D&J Removals
9 Malvern Rd, Wallasey, CH45 8NN

Van N Man
6 Queensway, Wallasey, CH45 4QA

Job Done UK
112 Albion St, Wallasey, CH45 9JH

Wirral Van
16 Daventree Rd, Wallasey, CH45 4LU

Connolly Removals
37 Mill Lane, Wallasey, CH44 5UB

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Storage Companies in Wallasey

Imagen Archive Systems
24 Kelvin Rd, Wallasey, CH44 7JW

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Gardeners in Wallasey

Charlies Lawn Services
36 Kinross Rd, Wallasey, CH45 8LH

Manor Garden Centre
9 Leasowe Rd, Wallasey, CH45 8LW

Chadwicks Gardening Services
2 Burton Avenue, Wallasey, CH45 8QH

Kevin Oxley Gardening
55 Saltburn Rd, Wallasey, CH45 8LX

Heartwood Tree Services
26 Queensway, Wallasey, CH45 4QA

Garden Projects
Breck Rd, Wallasey, CH44 3BQ

I Garden Services
Field Rd, Wallasey, CH45 5BE

Wirral Tree & Hedge
8 Rake Lane, Wallasey, CH45 5DF

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Nursing Homes in Wallasey

Aynsley Nursing Home
60-62 Marlowe Rd, Wallasey, CH44 3DQ

Sandrock Residential & Nursing Home
1-3 Sandrock Rd, Wallasey, CH45 5EG

St. George’s Nursing Home
Croxteth Avenue, Wallasey, CH44 5UL

Leighton Court Care Home
112 Manor Rd, Wallasey, CH45 7LX

Mother Redcaps Nursing Home
Lincoln Drive, Wallasey, CH45 7PL

Belvidere Nursing Home
85-89 Seabank Rd, Wallasey, CH45 7PB

Oaklands Grange Nursing Home
53 Seabank Rd, Wallasey, CH45 7PA

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Surveyors in Wallasey

Linksview Property Services Ltd
1 Linksview, Wallasey, CH45 0NQ

Gillett Surveyor Services
27 Southcroft Rd, Wallasey, CH45 8QE

PACE Building Solutions
1 Littledale Rd, Wallasey, CH44 8EE

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Funeral Directors in Wallasey

Kenna & Turner
31 Rowson St, Wallasey, CH45 5AR

John W Griffith & Son
Mill Bank Funeral Home, Wallasey, CH44 3BN

The Co-operative Funeralcare
56 Liscard Rd, Wallasey, CH44 9AF

Ian Dallingers Indipendant Funeral Service
103 Brighton St, Wallasey, CH44 6QL

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