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House Clearance / Disputes over possessions

One of the potentially trickiest parts of house clearance is division of possessions. There is potential for serious conflict, especially when it comes to personal possessions or items of sentimental value.

There is no step/by/step guide for such a personal and delicate situation, however there are some considerations that can be taken into account should you find yourself in such a position. The following tips can help you or someone you know deal with losing or giving up certain items.


While memory might seem like something that is intangible and less reliable than a physical object or piece of property, memory is completely individual and cannot be changed by anyone else. Your memory is your own and anything that you keep from a person or place that you are losing will have the greatest impact on you above all others. Bear in mind that sentimental attachment can make items seem a lot more precious or nicer than they really are.


When you have an item that you can’t seem to let go, or an item that you are determined to get your hands on, it’s worth putting everything into perspective. You have to remember that at the end of the day, it just stuff. This might seem like broad generalisation but in reality / it’s worth remembering that the item that you are so attached to, will not last forever and will not bring back the person or place that it’s linked to.

Consider the emotions that you are investing into fights over possessions and how different the situation would have been before you had it?


It is very rare to find a one/off item these days. If you cannot have the original, it may be worth finding a copy or a similar item that can be a substitute or to at least remind you of the item that is precious to you. There are professional scanning and duplication techniques that can be used for art and pictures to be digitised and reproduced to have as many copies as you want. While fabrics and ornamentation are more difficult to replicated, there could be hobbyists or professionals who could possibly reproduce the item for you.

If it’s the monetary side that you are concerned with, then the object does not really have any sentimental value to you and it becomes a lot easier. If the item becomes sold as a result of being transferred, then the money can be distributed between all of the parties concerned.

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