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Following the death of my father I had to hire a house clearance company to clear his house in Leeds. After receiving many quotes from a numerous house clearance companies I received an excellent quote from Irving at Northern House Clearance. I only had to give forty-eight hours notice for the guys to arrive at the property and they did arrive at 8:45 with a large van. Each room in the house was elevated with3-4 foot of rubbish, furniture and general clutter. The guys from Northern House Clearance were completely supportive and I was very pleased to hear that they donate as much as they can to charity. Though the house was in terrible condition the team worked very hard to get the job done. They were a fantastic team and I cannot thank them enough, I would highly recommend them to anyone facing the same problems that I have faced. Thank you so much to Irving & everyone at Northern House Clearance.

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James Emre House Clearance Customer Leeds 22 March, 2017

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